The transcript covers a podcast episode focused on the Miami Dolphins hiring offensive coordinators Eric Studesville and George Godsey. It also discusses Senior Bowl player performances and predictions for Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Dolphins Hire Offensive Coordinators
The Dolphins promoted running backs coach Eric Studesville and quarterbacks coach George Godsey to co-offensive coordinators. The hosts discuss the decision-making process, play-calling responsibilities, and analyze whether it was the right move versus hiring an external candidate.
Senior Bowl Player Analysis
The hosts provide extensive analysis of standout offensive and defensive players from Senior Bowl practices and game, focusing on potential Dolphins draft targets like offensive lineman Creed Humphrey and linebacker Baron Browning.
Super Bowl LV Preview and Predictions
The hosts preview Super Bowl LV, analyzing strengths of the Chiefs and Buccaneers. They make score predictions, debate MVP candidates, and discuss the potential impact of home field advantage for Tampa Bay.

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Welcome to Three Yards Per Carry, a podcast covering the Miami Dolphins and the NFL. Now, here’s your hosts, Chris, Alf and Simon.

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And we’re on and welcome to Three Yards for Carry. I’m Alfredo Artea. Chris Kaufman is here. Simon Clancy is not. He’s feeling under the weather. He should be with us next week. But it is Super Bowl week.

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I have to say it as well because it turns out you could get sued. Yeah.

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Yeah, well, okay, I don’t want to get sued that’s that sounds bad, but I really just don’t want to lose my job

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that would have been hilarious that I said, okay, that’s it. You know, see you next week. And all we do is ads, but we have a lot to talk about. Five seconds.

Speaker 3 08:39
It’s five seconds of dead air and then we come back, you know.

Speaker 1 08:43
Yeah, but the Dolphins finally have an offensive coordinator.

Speaker 3 08:47
Hmm. Well, no, they have to what they have.

Speaker 1 08:52
too. Really? I didn’t know. They have two of them. Yeah. I thought his name was Eric Studsville Godsey. Oh no.

Speaker 3 09:01
Yeah, no, it’s it’s it’s God stud. Oh, okay. It’s it or the stud God which let us know on Twitter which one you like better the stud God or God stud. Well, you have the trademark

Speaker 1 09:14
on that if they’re really really good this coming season yeah yeah we’re gonna start calling them the stud god

Speaker 3 09:21
Or like, okay, instead of God’s stud, like if it’s really bad, it’s more like God’s dud. Or if it’s really good, it’s stud God. I think that’s what we’ll probably have to work with.

Speaker 1 09:37
But yeah, Eric Studsville, George Godsey, those are the new co -coordinators, offensive coordinators, Eric Studsville, known around the league, one of the best running back coaches in the NFL, truth be told, one of the best coaches, period, in the NFL, George Godsey, kind of had that BFF look for Tua Tunga -Bailoa this year, was Ted Enns coach.

Speaker 1 09:57
Now, supposedly, I guess, I don’t know how they’re gonna work this, but if I had the guess, and this is completely a guess, and this is not information, I would say Godsey on the sideline, Studsville in the booth, and making the calls, or I don’t know how it works.

Speaker 3 10:15
I’m going to go opposite. I’m going to say it’s Godsey in the booth and Studsville on the sidelines. And the reason I say that is because Charlie Fry is now here as the quarterbacks coach. So what, you know, Godsey, what we all saw him doing last year was when Robbie Brown went out with COVID, Godsey took over his role on the sidelines with Tua and the quarterbacks, you know, kind of working with them, looking at the defense and stuff like that.

Speaker 3 10:50
And he never gave that back, even when Robbie Brown came back. And, you know, there have been reports about him assuming even more of those quarterback duties. But he’s giving those back up. You know, Charlie Fry is doing that now.

Speaker 3 11:06
So Charlie Fry is going to be on the sidelines working with the quarterbacks. And so Godsey doesn’t seem to me like he’d have a place down there. I think his place is going to be in the booth. And I think it’s probably going to be, I think the play caller is going to be Studsville.

Speaker 3 11:24
I don’t have any information on that. That’s my personal opinion. And I think that it’s going to be Godsey in the booth kind of, you know, really looking at the defense and giving information into Studsville so that he can call the place.

Speaker 3 11:39
That’s my personal opinion.

Speaker 1 11:41
Yeah, now let’s get into this decision -making process. Cameron Wolfe has, I guess he’s been, you know, I’ll go out and, I don’t think this is much of a limb to go out on. I think Cameron Wolfe has beat the pants out of everybody else on the story.

Speaker 1 11:56
He’s been one step ahead of everybody. And he says, if the dolphins wanted to hire an outside guy, I think that he thinks they had an opportunity, that this is something that Bryant Floors wants, and Bryant Floors got your thoughts on how this ended up with, and did they make the right decision?

Speaker 1 12:18
Of course, we don’t know, but in your opinion, is this strange, like some people seem to think online, or is this something common and this could work? Well, there are strange things.

Speaker 3 12:29
aspects of it. I mean, there’s there’s definitely a strange aspect of two things. One, waiting this long just to promote internal, right? Especially if that’s true, that it’s like, you know, hey, this is what this is what Flores really wants.

Speaker 3 12:46
Then it looks like the senior bull really was sort of a proof of concept that this could work. And and that’s weird. You know, that’s I’ll I’ll I’ll say it out there. That’s kind of weird. So yeah, that’s a strange aspect of it.

Speaker 3 13:04
Calling them and keep in mind the dolphins have made no announcement. Right. So no announcement. So we’re going on. We’re going on virtual. You know, we’re going on. I’m not saying nothing. But I mean, it’s and it’s and I will say rumor either because that that would that would be disrespectful to the to the people that are doing the fine reporting on it.

Speaker 3 13:26
But we’ve got no real announcement from them. So so the language, everybody’s parsing the language, this co coordinator thing. And, you know, everybody gets really, really uppity about that. Co coordinator, co if it was co coordinator, and not run coordinator, pass coordinator, that would be a little odd.

Speaker 3 13:45
That’s that doesn’t happen. I mean, it’s let’s be honest. I mean, that’s that’s not that that often. Is it odd for it to be a committee? No, not in any way, shape or form. This is this has happened. This is all over the place in football.

Speaker 3 14:01
It’s all over the place in the NFL. It’s all over the place in college. It’s all over the place down in high school. I was reading, I was reading a piece penned by a coach, a couple, this was back in like 2016, right?

Speaker 3 14:15
And he he said that he had been a big, you know, disbeliever. And the idea of having the co coordinator situation, having the past coordinator and run coordinator. And then he like, you had the light turn on and he just and he started doing it and and realized that by breaking up the workloads in that way, you could get you could put more work into the different different aspects of the game.

Speaker 3 14:40
And and that’s, I think that’s ultimately what it’s about. I think it’s more work into the situational aspects of the game, more work into the the different kinds of plays. And that’s what that’s what the committee approaches.

Speaker 3 14:55
And there’s nothing strange about the idea of it being a committee at all, you know, it’s it’s it happens all over the place. The thing that is strange is, you know, we’ll see what the actual structure is, who’s play caller, who’s, who’s, who’s got the final say, if anybody has the final say.

Speaker 3 15:15
What is a little bit strange is when you see these sorts of committee approaches, there’s usually an offensive minded head coach. There’s usually an Andy Reed, a Kyle Shanahan, a Sean McVeigh, a Matla Fleur, Bruce Arians, Bruce Arians.

Speaker 3 15:32
You know, when you so when you see that, there’s there’s that guy kind of with the final say on everything keeping you tight to the vision. And that’s, and that’s not present here. Although, you know, Flores himself might be getting more involved in the offense too.

Speaker 3 15:48
So we got to keep that in mind. And he does have the final say to keep tight to the vision. So and I don’t buy any of this crap about always a defensive guy. Well, listen, if you’re a defensive guy, and you’ve been spending your career looking at offenses, looking, looking at offenses, you, if you’re a defensive guy, you probably spend more time looking at offenses than offensive guys.

Speaker 1 16:12
Like, I don’t understand that at all. And I saw it on Twitter at all hours this past week, and I made fun of it, which is, you know, I don’t buy this idea that Brian Flores sees that his team has the ball and he starts drooling on himself, not knowing what to do.

Speaker 1 16:32
You know what I mean?

Speaker 3 16:33
And that’s, yeah, that’s, and I’ll be, yeah, let’s be honest about that. I mean, he knows, he probably knows what he wants out of the offense. He’s probably communicated that. And this is probably, this is probably helped in his mind.

Speaker 3 16:46
This is helping him carry out his vision. Whereas maybe an old hat like Chan Galey, you know, he has his own ways of doing things. Yeah. I mean, yeah, but he has his own ways of doing things. And so, so maybe Brian Flores will be that authority.

Speaker 3 17:03
I don’t know, but that’s, that’s the, that’s the difference here. Like we don’t have a Bruce Arians. We don’t have a Kyle Shanahan. We don’t have, you know, it’d be great though. It’d be great if we did.

Speaker 3 17:15
I understand that. But the issue isn’t the committee approach. The issue is just that we have George Godsey and Eric Studsville and not Bruce Arians. Like that’s, that’s the issue. That’s if, if Studsville and or Godsey are destined to become the next Bruce Arians or the next, you know, Kyle Shanahan or Matt LaFleur, you know, one of those guys, then this is going to work great.

Speaker 3 17:43
This is going to be awesome. Like, you know, that’s it. But if they’re not, if they’re just, if they’re just not all that good, that’s going to be shit. You know, it’s going to, it’s going to be, it’s not going to look that great.

Speaker 3 17:55
And eventually they’ll get fired and we’ll be replacing. And that’s, that’s the way it works. I mean, the average coordinator higher in the NFL ends in disaster. I mean, these guys have a half life of like two years.

Speaker 3 18:06
I said it on Twitter. I mean, that’s, let’s be honest. And it’s not, no, it’s not necessarily just because the head coach gets switched out. The coordinators get switched out before the head coach. That’s the first of all, that’s the first of all is the coordinators.

Speaker 3 18:19
And then the head coach goes after that because, you know, that’s, it goes up the chain. So yeah, I mean, most coordinator hires, no matter how excited you are about it, you’re like, yeah, 75% chances is going to be done in three, four years.

Speaker 3 18:36
And that’s, that’s reality. That’s just reality. Yeah, you know what, it was also really,

Speaker 1 18:40
reality if these guys and I’ll go out and look at the date is February 3rd of 2021. If the dolphins have a top 10 offense, I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t be shocked if Eric Studsville becomes head coach of you know, I don’t know, whatever blank state in college.

Speaker 1 18:59

Speaker 3 19:01
I mean, I think so. I think that’s a that’s a strong problem. You know, and part of me actually wondered if if this Co -coordinator thing sticks like if that’s when they announce it and it’s official and all that stuff, whatever I Wonder if this is about finding a loophole that prevents them from being able to be hired as offensive coordinators That is interesting Because like there’s there’s a rule now the NFL Put out a rule that that the teams can no longer block their assistance from a promotion So and that would include like a past coordinator being promoted to offensive coordinator That’s a promotion.

Speaker 3 19:46
So if if these guys are co- offensive coordinators I Wonder if that prevents either of them from being hired offensive coordinator somewhere else. Mm -hmm. Just just a thought you

Speaker 1 20:01
Yeah, that’s interesting. Yeah, I completely agree. And we got this question and I’m going to answer it for him because, you know, he filled out the question and it seemed like he took time to think this through and he asked.

Speaker 1 20:15
And I think it’s a really good one too. And it’s Jake’s at llama face 120. I don’t know what that means. But he asked he asked a question for the podcast, where does play calling rank in the hierarchy of OC responsibilities, how important is being a good play caller and simultaneously how good can an offense be if the play calling is fine.

Speaker 1 20:37
But nothing special. I don’t understand about that last that last part of it, but I’ll take this and then you could expand on it if you want. And this is not to disparage, you know, the maestros that you’re going to see on Sunday because you know Bruce Arians that whole group, that whole group in Tampa Bay and of course that group in Kansas City.

Speaker 1 20:57
You know, like what they call usually looks you know it looks beautiful looks it flows. It has a rhythm to it. But you know what also it also has it also has Travis Kelsey, Terry kill Mike Evans Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes.

Speaker 1 21:13
You know Rob Gronkowski in his second life, you know Chris Godwin you see you see what I’m getting at All right, so not to disparage any of these guys that are great play callers. But if you are a reason a reasonably good competitive Madden player.

Speaker 1 21:31
Okay. And you have an idea of what rhythm is in play calling you could probably be a good play caller. The important part I think for an OC is what happens Monday and Tuesday on Monday. You’re reviewing the all 22 from Sunday.

Speaker 1 21:51
And you’re saying to yourself, okay, we could have done this differently. I know I called this here, but maybe we could have called this. Let me go over the tendencies. Let me see if I screwed any of that up.

Speaker 1 22:02
Okay, I did it. All right, who we playing this weekend we’re playing the Carolina Panthers. Okay. All right, what do they like to do on first down what I like to do on second down what a certain 10 look like for them on defense.

Speaker 1 22:14
You know, do they bring pressures how often do they bring pressures. Okay, here’s my playbook. My playbook has 400 plays in it with five variations. So I guess we got 2000 plays. Let me sit down with my coaches Tuesday morning.

Speaker 1 22:27
We got to start building this game plan for the Carolina Panthers. Okay, I need 80 plays. We need 80 plays for this Sunday. The right 80 plays. And now we have Tuesday through Friday, you’re implementing those 80 plays and you’re talking to your quarterback talking to your wide receivers, the offensive line, getting everybody on the same page.

Speaker 1 22:49
And then it’s the execution of those 80 plays on Sunday. Now, if you’re just weird in play calling, that’s another thing. But I believe Tuesday through Saturday is more important than the actual play calling on Sunday.

Speaker 1 23:08
Your thoughts.

Speaker 3 23:10
I think the play calling is crucial. I’m gonna take the other side of this one. And I think the play calling on Sunday is a big deal. I think it’s as much of a performance as any of the performances on the football field.

Speaker 3 23:25
And that’s what it is. It is a performance and there’s a skill to it. And there’s a feel to the game. There’s, listen, all these guys in the NFL are mostly running the same place. I mean, that’s just a fact.

Speaker 3 23:41
That’s part of what Miami’s doing is, you know, per Ian Rappaport. And he tried to make sure that we’re not forgetting Charlie Fry in this. Because, you know, he thinks that what the Dolphins are doing is taking a lot of input from Charlie Fry into what they’re doing and implementing a lot of college stuff.

Speaker 3 24:01
And that’s what, I mean, he really emphasized that. And I think it would be remiss of us to just gloss over that. All these guys in the NFL are mostly running the same shit. They really are. And that’s just a fact.

Speaker 3 24:21
So it’s not necessarily what you’re calling. It’s when you’re calling it. You know, it’s when you’re calling. Kyle Shanahan is not, his offenses don’t work because they, you know, because these are plays that you’ve never seen before.

Speaker 3 24:41
And his offenses work because of the rhythm he establishes and how much he can make, you know, one play look like the other and he can hit you this way, force you to start adjusting to it and then hit you the other way, getting into that rhythm.

Speaker 3 25:00
I mean, that’s what the play caller does. You know, when they, when they’re successful. Now, to your point, if you show up to the game and you prepared for defense that you just aren’t, the Denver game, like in my, for the Miami Dolphins this year, you show up and the defense is doing something you didn’t prepare for, then there’s no getting into rhythm.

Speaker 3 25:28
No, there’s no way to get into rhythm until you simplify everything and get them, get them, you know, not, if you take away, if you go hurry up, you take away their ability to sub, right? And then they got to line up and they got to make their play calls a little bit more simplified.

Speaker 3 25:48
And then, you know what, then you can get into rhythm. That’s why that often works is because you can get into rhythm, you start being able to predict more of what the defense is doing, play to play.

Speaker 3 26:00
And, you know, because they’re, you limit their options, I think, when you start to go no huddle, you start to keep them on the field and don’t allow them to sub and everything. But yeah, you can’t get into rhythm if you didn’t plan right.

Speaker 3 26:13
So it’s crucial to plan right. I’m not taking that away. But I also think that the performance on Sunday is a big deal. It’s a big deal. And I think that, you know, watching a coach clinic from Steve Sarkeesian, and he was talking about that too, you know, it’s a pretty big deal, you know, cause they, in Alabama, they build their offense off the foundation is the run.

Speaker 3 26:37
And if you give them a seven man box, they’re gonna run it down your throat. And that’s the kind of team that they are. So then they build the RPOs off of the run. And the RPOs are basically opportunistic passes.

Speaker 3 26:49
Like if you have this sort of spacing, we’re just gonna take this, take this from you. You know, that’s the idea of the RPO is, you know, if your guy lines up here, we’re just gonna take that free yardage from you via the pass.

Speaker 3 27:05
But then they build in the play pass, you know, the play fakes and the play action. And they make the play action look and smell exactly like an RPO. And then they start working, okay, well now you’re doing play action.

Speaker 3 27:22
And so that takes a long time. And your guys have to hold their blocks a little bit, a little bit longer. Well, what about just doing drop backs, you know, drop back passes to help out the quarterback.

Speaker 3 27:35
And all this is built, you know, foundationally, but it’s also built foundationally during the football game. It’s not just built in install. It’s built during the football game with the play calling.

Speaker 3 27:50
And I think that that’s, it’s pretty crucial. And also one last note, just one last point on this. Shane Stikin of the Los Angeles Chargers. How crucial can play calling be? He made a mistake and called in a run play, like with seconds left on the clock and no timeouts.

Speaker 3 28:15
And they were, you know, and I think it was in field goal range or something like, it was one of those egregiously bad calls. And what’s his name, the coach, Anthony Lin, he, you know, he, I guess he wasn’t monitoring, he just lets his offensive coordinator do his thing.

Speaker 3 28:32
But Steichen just brain farted and called in a run play cause he just didn’t, he wasn’t aware. He wasn’t aware and they lost the game because of that. It can be crucial. If you got a first year play caller, if you got a first year play caller and there’s all kinds of things buzzing around his head and there’s all this information coming in from all these different places, I mean, you gotta manage it.

Speaker 3 28:53
It’s gotta be hard. So, you know, again, I emphasize the performance aspect of it.

Speaker 1 28:59
Yeah, and just to be clear, in case people think that these guys are going to put on a headset for the first time for their entire careers, they’ve heard the play call because most because Studsville has been a running backs coach and the running backs coach has to hear the play call to understand which personnel grouping is in.

Speaker 1 29:17
So he has to know which running back he’s sending in for every play and God see has been a quarterback’s coach.

Speaker 3 29:24
I mean he hasn’t he’s been a play caller too. Yeah, he was also a play caller

Speaker 1 29:28
for the Texans, right, for one year?

Speaker 3 29:30
Yeah, he was OC for the Texans. He was play caller for a year and then a couple of games and then Bill O ‘Brien took the play calling back. Bill O ‘Brien, he’s one of those guys that holds on to the play calling for dear life and he was convinced to give it to Godsey and then he took it back partway through the 2016 season and then he didn’t give it up again until very recently actually.

Speaker 3 29:56
Yeah, this last year I think. So yeah, Godsey has called plays before. We can argue about how good it was or whatever but yeah, he’s done it before. Studsville, as far as I know, has not. Interestingly enough, Charlie Fry has.

Speaker 3 30:15
Charlie Fry was a accomplished play caller and offensive coordinator up in Central Michigan.

Speaker 1 30:22
But yeah, I tend to agree that, yeah, the sequencing is really important. But I will say this, a lot of times this year, and execution above all else, a lot of times this year, Chan Gale would even, he called some things that were kind of odd for the down and distance.

Speaker 1 30:41
And you know how many times I saw things pop and they just didn’t execute it? So you know, players above all else. I even think that even some weird play calling, if you have really good players, they can make something like that work.

Speaker 1 30:56
You know, but I agree with you. It is an art because in my opinion, and I know people are going to say, well, you know, the dolphins smashed this offense, but Sean McBae, his all 22 stuff is ridiculous.

Speaker 1 31:09
He’ll run stuff that looks completely one way in the first quarter. Right. And it’s an outside zone run, right? Then he’ll run the same exact formation at the same part of the field on the same hash mark.

Speaker 1 31:25
Okay. And you’re thinking to yourself, well, he’s running the exact same thing. Right. No, and it’s something completely opposite. It’s a bootleg. It’s a play action pass. You know, so he’s always setting things up by making things look the same.

Speaker 1 31:39
So yeah, it is an art. Absolutely. I would agree with that. But I think planning the planning stages because like you said, the Denver, the Denver game, I think that game was lost when they walked onto the field.

Speaker 1 31:52
And how still did they look against the Raiders as well? That was another game where they walked onto the field and well, before the game, it looked like they were trying to figure out what the hell Rob Maranelli was going to do.

Speaker 1 32:03
Yep. But that was a game that started and it looked like they had no clue. They had no clue what they were doing. You know, so yeah, well, it’s going to be interesting to see how that works. But moving on, we had the senior bull and we have a lot of opinions.

Speaker 1 32:19
We already saw the game and who was the MVP? Oh yeah, it was the quarterback, right? Kellerman. Kellerman. Okay. He was the MVP. Even though he lost. Yeah. Michael Carter had a shot. Des Fitzpatrick as well.

Speaker 1 32:36
But overall thoughts and I guess, I guess we could start with the offensive lineman, right? Mm hmm. Cause you know, if we’re going to talk tea leaves, they coached Creed Humphrey. Okay. I thought he had a spectacular senior ball game.

Speaker 1 32:50
Okay. He played very, very well. There’s a couple of complaints that we will get to in a second. But if we’re going to talk tea leaves, the Dolphins coaching staff was really hands on with Robert Hainsey all week and played them all along the interior.

Speaker 1 33:06
Were they? Were they?

Speaker 3 33:08
Handsy with handsy.

Speaker 1 33:10
Yeah, they were handsy with handsy. Okay, now I think this suggests something, right? It suggests like they’re looking at center and they’re saying, you know what? An upgrade could be done there.

Speaker 3 33:21
Yeah, but he’s not a center that’s important to it’s important to realize they had him play at center some during the week But I mean he was playing right tackle a Notre Dame You know, so he’s he’s one of those guys if you really look at how he was used throughout the week He he did take some center snaps and he was surprising like I noticed him because he was taking center snaps and and you know that was That was something and he looked good.

Speaker 3 33:50
Let me he looked good there But he’s the guy that they had literally playing Four out of the five positions during the week during practice You know, they had them they had him specifically at each of the four positions.

Speaker 3 34:05
I saw I saw them So that’s that’s what they’re attracted to. I mean as a team captain, you know, he’s the he was Notre Dame’s offensive lineman of the year in 2019, you know, it’s just he’s their kind of guy definitely because of the versatility and The accolades and the leadership and all that But I don’t know that I don’t know if he is definitely a center He might be but it’s not necessarily where he’s got the most experience.

Speaker 3 34:36
I don’t think

Speaker 1 34:37
Now on Creed Humphrey, we had a back and forth on the WhatsApp chat and I guess I’ll, you know, I’ll rehash it here for our listeners so they could hear it. I thought he was great. I thought he was good all week, although, you know, he might have been outshined a little bit by Hansey, I thought, and by Quinn Miners.

Speaker 1 34:58
But that game, you know, it was like a, it was, I wouldn’t call it a coming out party because he came out a while ago, but I thought it was a statement like, hey, you know, I’m center one and nobody else is particularly close right now.

Speaker 1 35:14
I thought he played a great game. My only complaint is the one that I told you, which is way too often. He looks like he stops playing and he says, look, my work is done, the ball should be gone by now.

Speaker 1 35:27
While the defensive line is chasing somebody down to the sideline or worse, getting after your quarterback, he too often just stops playing because he thinks, okay, you know, this is enough. My work is done here.

Speaker 1 35:43
You told me that’ll change in the NFL. What were your other thoughts about Creed Humphrey? Because this is the guy that for, for weeks, if not months, people were penciling in at number 18. So thoughts and did he hurt that status?

Speaker 1 35:56
Is he still a first run pick?

Speaker 3 35:59
I think that thing that you talk about, you know, not necessarily playing through the whistle. This is the sort of thing that people see it and see and they sort of isolate and they criticize and I get it, but then it completely changes at the NFL.

Speaker 3 36:18
I mean, it just does. It’s sort of like when these guys, when these running backs show up to Senior Bowl week and they go into the one -on -one drills, trying to pass block and they look like fucking nincompoops.

Speaker 3 36:28
I mean, they look awful. And it’s because they’ve not been taught anything. And the drills themselves kind of really, really favor the Blitzer anyway, but they look like they have no idea what they’re doing and then they get to the NFL and get some coaching.

Speaker 3 36:45
They look like friggin’ Frank Gore all of a sudden. I mean, it’s just, it’s insane. I mean, it really is. So this is one of those things that’s like low on the list for me as far as like impacting, impacting what I think of a guy.

Speaker 3 37:01
Yeah, you could say that he went out there and had a good game and it was a statement, you know, on the best center in the game and he was the best center in the game because Queen Miners didn’t play.

Speaker 3 37:14
You know, that’s, and that’s the real, that’s the criticism about him because when you’re Creed Humphrey and you played 37 games and you’ve been one of the best centers in the entire NCAA for years, really multiple years, you’re not supposed to go to the senior bowl and get shown up by a converted guard from Wisconsin Whitewater who learned to block by hitting trees in the Canadian wilderness.

Speaker 3 37:41
You know, you’re just, you’re not. Which is a great bio. Yeah, I mean, you’re just not, that’s just not supposed to happen, right? And he did, but he did. He got out shown by Miners in the practices and that’s, you know, Miners went out there and showed that he wanted it more.

Speaker 3 37:58
I mean, he was higher energy. He was, you know, he was doing better just period. And I think that that’s something, it’s not that your stock will drop as a Creed Humphrey because of that, but he didn’t improve his stock, I don’t think.

Speaker 3 38:15
And that’s, because he already had pretty high standing. And furthermore, if you really look at the back view on the practice tapes, there are definitely zone systems in the NFL that are getting more popular now as more of the Shanahan ilk, you know, kind of go somewhere else.

Speaker 3 38:38
Those zone zealots are not gonna take him in a period. And that’s because, you know, he can’t get to the other side of a, I mean, he could barely get to the other side of a one tack and he’s never gonna get to the other side of a three tack, you know, and that’s just a reality for Creed Humphrey.

Speaker 3 39:01
He will fit every other offense in the league, including the Miami Dolphins offense. So he’s front, you know, he’s front and center for the Dolphins, but, center. And, but I think that, I think that there’s definitely, you know, those zone zealot teams are gonna fight, they’re gonna fight each other over Drew Dalman out of Stanford, or they may even try and, you know, start asking Dylan Radins of North Dakota State how he feels about snapping the ball.

Speaker 3 39:32
But the Dolphins will be looking at Creed Humphrey, you know why? Because they need a center right now. They don’t need a center for a year from now, right? They don’t need the guard from Wisconsin Whitewater who converted to center and showed that his tree blocking, you know, really, really showed out in All -Star Week.

Speaker 3 39:53
I mean, they’re still, make no mistake, All -Star Week aside, he’s gonna have a learning curve, right? He’s gonna have a learning curve. And a lot of these guys who you’re talking about, like Hansy might have a learning curve.

Speaker 3 40:06
They need a guy that had the 37 starts. And that’s been one of the best centers in college football for years. And that’s Creed Humphrey. And they’re not running one of those outside zone systems that to where they’ll say, you know, Creed doesn’t fit this.

Speaker 3 40:25
So I think the Dolphins will be looking, and actually he’s the guy I keep telling people, aside from, you know, like Davonta Smith and Najee Harris were technically on the Dolphin Squad, right? So those guys are probably most likely to end up on the Dolphins.

Speaker 3 40:45
But other than them, Creed Humphrey is actually probably the most likely player to end up on the Dolphins from the National Squad.

Speaker 1 40:51
Yeah, and I would say if history is any indicator, he’s a first round pick. Somebody will, somebody will think, you know, you know, I’m not waiting to the second round for him. Is this right?

Speaker 3 41:06
I’m going to agree with you, but only because of the budget cuts. It’s you. I don’t necessarily think his stock is heading there. I thought it was heading into this process. I don’t think it’s heading there anymore in a vacuum being a first round pick.

Speaker 3 41:26
I think it will happen this year because budgets and salary caps are being slashed by 22 million across the board. It’s nearly a billion dollars being bled out of NFL budgets. So a lot of teams out there, there’s like more than half the teams out there are above the salary cap and have to cut a significant amount of players just to even have enough to sign their draft picks.

Speaker 3 42:00
And so there’s what that translates to is a lot of these teams need players that they can start immediately. And Creed Humphrey is probably the most plug and play center in the draft, the most, you know, the safest, most plug and play center in the draft.

Speaker 3 42:18
And because of that, you know, teams that that are forced to lop off a center because there are a hundred million dollars over the salary cap, they’re going to be targeting guys like that, like Creed, and saying, you know, here’s the position.

Speaker 1 42:39
Yeah, there’s been years where I’ve watched the senior bowl and usually after the senior bowl is when I make my opinion, you know, I get an opinion of what this draft class kind of looks like and there’s been years where I’ve looked at it and I said, you know, I wouldn’t mind trading our first round pick for an established player.

Speaker 1 42:58
This is one of those years where I wish we had more first round picks and we already have two of them because because I looked at that wide receiver core, man, it’s it goes deeper than Devonta Smith.

Speaker 1 43:10
There’s so many good players. Amari Rogers, I thought had a great week and I don’t think that he have a great week. But I remember watching Debo Samuel and saying to myself, you know what, I don’t know man.

Speaker 1 43:23
Like, you know, does this running back a wide receiver thing actually really work? You know, well it does. Okay. Alright, it works. If Debo Samuel is any indication. Yeah, it works. I think this is a do over on Debo Samuel.

Speaker 1 43:38
If somebody passed on him a couple of years ago. Well, you know, Amari Rogers, I think is a facsimile thereof. I think he’s really, really close.

Speaker 3 43:47
I think he’s… I love it.

Speaker 1 43:48
I loved his work this week. I loved the game. And of course, I liked everything he’s done at Clemson.

Speaker 3 43:58
I think he’s the perfect slot. Absolutely. I think he’s built to be the perfect slot. And the reason I say that, a lot of people, they see a guy that’s not too fast and has quicker than fast and maybe smart player, tough.

Speaker 3 44:15
And they’re like, OK, he’s slot. He has pluses that go. And I think anybody to be a really special slot player, you have to have pluses that go above and beyond. Right? You’ve got to have the speed to really actually challenge somebody or you’ve got to have unusual physicality and toughness.

Speaker 3 44:40
And I think that he has five foot nine and a half and two hundred and eleven pounds. This is like almost like, I mean, it’s not quite more East Jones drew it like five foot seven and two hundred and two hundred and seven pounds.

Speaker 3 44:52
But I mean, it’s kind of close. I mean, so it’s that kind of player. It’s that kind of player at that slot. And he’s all but he’s also he also, I think he has legitimate speed. Yeah, I think he’s got plus speed and and you watch him in the one on one drills.

Speaker 3 45:11
And he’s definitely one of those guys. You could isolate a couple of these guys, the short strider. Shy, Shy Smith was one of these from South Carolina. You know, the short striders, quick guys. They get open for days, days and days and days in these one on one drills, you know, where they get to drag the defensive back around three way go, you know.

Speaker 3 45:30
But I like to see those guys run.

Speaker 1 45:32
real routes though. Yeah.

Speaker 3 45:34
But it’s like forget trying to cover this guy. And that Murray Rogers was like that. And that’s great. That’s one part of the story, maybe not even the most important part of the story. But it’s the toughness.

Speaker 3 45:48
It’s the toughness at five, nine and a half, 211 pounds to catch those balls over the middle, take the shot, take the hit, and then also do some work with strength after the catch. And any mixes in, I mean, this is what we did at Clemson, right?

Speaker 3 46:04
He was the jet sweep kind of guy. You know, he was that guy, right? You know that guy. And so he really blends those two things. And then he’s physical in terms of blocking. And that’s surprisingly really important first lot because you end up in position of really potentially impacting the play with your blocking as opposed to some of the guys on the other side.

Speaker 3 46:28
Yeah, he’s blocking.

Speaker 1 46:31
Yeah, his blocking pops all over the place on Clemson. Yeah, absolutely. Like, he’s one of the most important reasons why Clemson’s offense is so good is because he put it all together, though.

Speaker 3 46:42
Yeah. But put it all together though, plus blocking, plus toughness in terms of 5 .5, 2 .11, 2 .11 pounds, that’s a great profile, right? Yes. And in terms of muscle mass and everything. Great toughness, plus toughness, plus plus blocking, plus quickness, the kind of quickness that you expect from a slot, ball carrying from a, that you kind of expect from a jet sweep kind of guy.

Speaker 3 47:09
And then potentially, potentially we’ll see, but I think you might have plus speed. And so add that all together. It’s basically the perfect slot. Yeah.

Speaker 1 47:26
I did a like not an official mug draft, but I just started like you know Okay, I think this could happen and that could happen and this could happen I ended up with a Mari Rogers going 32 to the Kansas City Chief hmm does that seem right or Is this a guy we could hunt in the second round?

Speaker 3 47:46
I think we might be able to hunt him in the second round. Well, I mean, he fits, okay, so keep in mind though, he’s T. Martin’s kid, by the way. I didn’t know that until recently, so shame on me. Which is another plus.

Speaker 3 47:59
Yeah, that’s another plus. You always like to see the bloodlines, but not only bloodlines, but how he was raised. It’s being in a football family. It’s experience that goes back to a very long way. That’s why it’s attractive.

Speaker 3 48:15
I think that he could go in the second round, but he’s also one of these guys that, as I said, if the theme becomes, I need a guy that’s gonna play immediately because I just had to cut guys that I didn’t wanna cut because my budget came in $22 million less, if that’s the theme, then he’s gonna benefit from that.

Speaker 3 48:41
So we’ll see where he goes, but I think he’s a big standout, big winner in Mobile, and yeah, it was pretty obvious.

Speaker 1 48:54
All right, other wide receivers that stood out to you. To me, I’ll give you a couple. Of course, Dwayne Eskridge, you know, he looked great all week. But to me, Desvitz Patrick popped. I thought Sage Serrat looked good all week.

Speaker 1 49:09
And Shy Smith really, you know, is a guy that I looked at and I said, man, this is a, you could tell. This is a professional wide receiver. What did you see?

Speaker 3 49:21
I agree with you on Des Fitzpatrick. I mean, he’s got the length at six foot two and he moves like he has sort of, he has some shake to him. For a six foot two guy, he’s got some shake. And so he gets open.

Speaker 3 49:38
And that’s what you see on Louisville. I mean, they use Tutu Atwell to keep defenses honest on the outsides and let Des Fitzpatrick and other receivers on the outside, really just go one on one and get open.

Speaker 3 49:55
And that’s what he does. He gets open. He caught as many balls this year, I think as Tutu Atwell, who’s another guy, we can talk about, that’s a really good player. But yeah, so he stood out because of that, but he also had like kind of the fuck up -ness, I think, in his game.

Speaker 3 50:13
And that’s something that didn’t players grow out of sometimes. So, keep an eye on that. But I think DeWayne Askeridge, I don’t wanna gloss over what he did because his speed and his one cut ability, one step, one cut suddenness were uncoverable.

Speaker 1 50:38
He was doing an Antonio Brown impersonation.

Speaker 3 50:41
It was it was ridiculous. And he’s and he’s got like we’re talking like four or three oh type of speed. Yep. And and that’s I mean, you watch him. When you see a guy on like a hitch, take a hitch or a curl or something like that.

Speaker 3 50:58
And, you know, always when you’re when you’re when you’re coming back to the quarterback and the ball is coming in, you got you got the ball coming in. Well, you’ve got if you’re open, you still got a defensive back closing out on your back as and usually you’re tackled right away.

Speaker 3 51:14
He’s a guy that’s so goddamn fast. He catches that comes back a little bit. The guy can’t tackle him. And then he just outruns them all the way to the fucking end zone. It’s not.

Speaker 1 51:24
So fast. He’s so fast that every every guy who covers them forgets to stay in their back pedal and gets out of it immediately. Yeah, because they’re afraid of getting even with him because they know if they get even with him.

Speaker 1 51:37
He’s running pasta.

Speaker 3 51:39
And I compared them to Tutu Atwell as well as Jalen Waddle. And they’re kind of all in the same category because they all kind of have that same speed, which is just not just fast, but like super fast.

Speaker 3 51:53
And they’re all slots, they’re all JetSweep guys, potentially JetSweep guys, although Dwayne Askeridge doesn’t have much experience. Of those three though, it’s interesting that Dwayne has probably the most experience on the outside of any of them.

Speaker 3 52:09
And most experience running kind of what you would call real routes of any of those guys. And so I think that he’s gonna be really attractive to teams. I don’t wanna gloss over him. The other guy, I mean, the Dolphins got to coach Demetrius Fulton and he’s got big speed.

Speaker 3 52:30
He’s got big quickness. He’s got like the potential to be that sort of Dwayne Askeridge type player. When he learns, I mean, he’s a running back to wide receiver convert. When he learns a little bit more of it, I saw just, this is my, I, your mileage may vary.

Speaker 3 52:50
I saw wasted steps and wasted movement. And it kind of didn’t let him be as dangerous as he could have been. But once he gets it, you know, he’s, I think he’s gonna have physicality because he’s a former running back.

Speaker 1 53:09
Colton has one major problem coming off the line. He drops his head, and he drops his head all the time. And I think, I don’t know if that’s a running back thing, and now he’s playing wide receiver, but you gotta make eye contact with the guy in front of you.

Speaker 1 53:21
You gotta keep your head up. You get your head down. That’s another thing these guys do.

Speaker 3 53:25
guys often don’t even know how to do like coming out of college, like is get off the line sometimes. I mean, they get off the press and so they’re going to be taught whether they can they can do it or not.

Speaker 3 53:37
But he’s got the it’s the quick guys. I know I don’t really worry about the quick fast guys. Those are the guys that those are the guys that are going to get off and get off the line at the next one.

Speaker 3 53:47
It’s the big dudes that you’re like, oh, he’s so big and strong. Of course, they’ll get off the line. No, they’re huge fucking targets. That’s that’s that’s why they don’t get off the line. They don’t get off the line because it’s easy to hit them.

Speaker 3 53:59
I mean, it’s like throwing a dartboard at a barn. I mean, it’s our dart at a barn. I mean, it’s like the big guys are just easier targets. And that’s why actually I don’t buy this thing about Jamar Chase getting off the line versus the Devonta Smith, but that’s a different story.

Speaker 3 54:16
Yeah, I don’t. So so yeah, to make your felt and I mean, look at that touchdown, though, that he got in the game. Yes, look at that touchdown. And then of all people, a guy who gets some time. Think about Miami’s coaches and what they love and what they weren’t doing, what they weren’t doing enough of this year as far as scoring touchdowns in the red zone.

Speaker 3 54:37
I mean, that they probably had to be drooling all over that all over that that that touch. And plus they’re they’re they’re in search of this kind of guy. They really are them. They traded for what’s his face?

Speaker 3 54:49
Lynn Bowden, they, you know, they took Malcolm Perry in the draft. And they originally they they extended Jakeem Grant last year. You know, they they they worked with Albert Hill or Albert Wilson to to keep him here.

Speaker 3 55:05
I mean, he ended up he ended up sitting out because of the COVID, you know, thing. But but they worked with him on a contract to keep him here. I mean, they’re in search of this kind of guy. They supposedly, you know, had a had a had a hard on for Brandon Iuk.

Speaker 3 55:21
So they want this type of exactly this type of dude. And so they had to be seeing Demetri Feltin and even, you know, as a different player as a running back, even Michael Carter, they had to be looking at those guys and just being like, oh, you know, like that’s that’s just their thing.

Speaker 3 55:37
It’s their it’s their jam.

Speaker 1 55:39
Yeah, and let me repeat that stat again. So people can remember this, okay? And this was a huge problem with this team this year. In their 24 touchdown passes, they had 87 yards of yak, okay? 24 touchdown passes, 87 yards of yak.

Speaker 1 55:58
52 of them came on one play. That’s a problem.

Speaker 3 56:02
the gas can play. OK. And that was really just a block, right? That was just a great block on the outside. It was a great block on my.

Speaker 1 56:10
columns and then goodbye. You know what I mean?

Speaker 3 56:12
and goodbye.

Speaker 1 56:13
like that’s a problem, okay? Especially when you have Kansas City on his, Patrick Mahomes 5000 touchdown passes, go look at those numbers, all right? You’re talking about 700, 800 yards of yak. That’s real, okay?

Speaker 1 56:26
That’s a threat. No, not what we were doing.

Speaker 3 56:32
So I mean, so you’re going to be looking at guys that can get who and who are the guys that can get. Yeah. Well, and Devonta Smith had more yak than anybody in college football by over by a yard. Oh, yeah, by over 500 yards.

Speaker 3 56:45
Yes, by a long distance to so. And then but then you look at a Demetri Felt and for, you know, running back convert, you look at somebody look at what the way an aspirate really go watch is Western Michigan.

Speaker 3 56:59
Look what he does after the catch because of his speed and quick. I mean, it’s insane. Watch 2 to at well at Louisville. What he does, what he does with the ball in his hands. And this kind of the sort of speed that that he can that he can use to his advantage.

Speaker 3 57:17
This is this is the type of player they’re going to want. And to fix that.

Speaker 1 57:23
Yeah, and let me say this, I’ve been going to practices for 4 ,000 years, not to date myself, you know what I mean? But it’s been a while, okay? And I watch every single wide receivers coach, from Carl Dorel to you name it.

Speaker 1 57:40
And they all say the same thing. They all tell their guys the same thing. A quarterback puts their hands on you in the first five yards of your release, you break his fingers and everybody looks at him and some guys are kind of shy to be physical, you know, with guys in practice.

Speaker 1 57:55
Go watch Stoine Eskridge. He literally tries to break your fingers if you try to get his hand, your hands on him to open a route. He doesn’t let you try to steer him with your hands, okay?

Speaker 3 58:07
You know, he was a corer. So he knows.

Speaker 1 58:10
the E -blade quarter. He knows. Yeah, and trust me when I tell you that these wide receivers coaches tell you that, they tell these wide receivers that, to see who is shy enough to not do it in practice.

Speaker 1 58:22
And those are the guys that you don’t want, okay? Not, you know, to be blunt about it. You want the guys that do things like Dwayne Eskridge, okay? So yeah, that’s a, you know, it’s obvious. Okay, it’s obvious.

Speaker 1 58:33
I’m gonna have a tough time.

Speaker 3 58:35
I’m honestly, I’m honestly going to have a tough time with Dwayne Eskridge and uh, to do at well because I really appreciate what Tutu’s speed can do on the field. Um, but also Eskridge has that kind of speed.

Speaker 3 58:48
And, and this goes back to the reason that I have Devonto or Devonto Smith over, um, Jamar Chase, it’s about the resume and yeah, Tutu allowed to be there, you know, at the senior bowl, but what Dwayne Eskridge did at the senior bowl mattered.

Speaker 3 59:05
And, um, and that’s so, so I, you know, I’m kind of, I’m kind of getting there that like, I’m going to put him above. Um, you know, I didn’t think I would, but, uh, but that’s, you know, that’s the way it goes.

Speaker 3 59:20

Speaker 1 59:20
A lot of Antonio Brown there. If you watch him, a lot of Antonio Brown. He just looked.

Speaker 3 59:25
But with, you know, imagine if Antonio, Antonio doesn’t have like four, three speed, right?

Speaker 1 59:31
No, but he’s sub 4 -5. Yeah, oh yeah.

Speaker 3 59:34
Yeah, definitely.

Speaker 1 59:36
Yeah, which is fast.

Speaker 3 59:39
But you know what, I think getting back to the offensive line, I thought there were several guys, you know, I thought, I thought Dylan Radins won the, was voted, he was the best practice player of the week.

Speaker 3 59:50
You know, the award that Justin Herbert got last year. Um, came from North Dakota state. Uh, you knew he was two things you knew at North Dakota state because you can measure these things sort of in a vacuum.

Speaker 3 01:00:05
It doesn’t matter who you’re, who you’re going against. Uh, you knew he was, you knew he was mobile. You knew he could, you know, he can move. Yeah. Cause you don’t need to, you don’t, if you have a good enough eye for it, but I mean, if, if you can see the speed, I mean, you can see the explosiveness, the lateral explosiveness off the snap and stuff like that.

Speaker 3 01:00:25
Um, so you knew that you knew he had this really beastly feisty mentality. Um, that he’s, he’s out there to dominate people. Uh, but what you couldn’t really know is the strength because he’s facing all these guys from, from the FCS.

Speaker 3 01:00:42
Um, so he shows up the senior bowl and now he’s going against strong dudes. Right. You know, these are, these are, these are some of the best players in college football. Um, and the strength held up and more than held up.

Speaker 3 01:00:58
And, and I think that that’s, that’s, that’s such a, that’s such a big puzzle piece to fit in there that he is going in the first round. And, um, and that’s, you know, maybe, maybe that wasn’t happening before.

Speaker 3 01:01:12
Maybe it was, I don’t know, but, um, he’s going in the first round. He’s going to be, he’s the, you know, he, he looks spitting image of Joe Staley and Joe Staley is actually training him’s, which I just found out, which is kind of interesting.

Speaker 3 01:01:23
Um, so he, he’s a huge standup. If, if dolphins are looking, I mean, I think you sub, I think you can put him in a left tackle over Austin Jackson. I would put him in there at an over Austin Jackson.

Speaker 3 01:01:35
Uh, you know, you’d think about, you’d think about moving Austin Jackson, maybe to the right side and having Robert Hunt move inside. I mean, you could really think about that. That’s, that’s a, um, that’s a genuine, that’s a genuine possibility.

Speaker 3 01:01:47
Um, another guy that may interest them and may not, I don’t know what they, they’re going to think of them. Spencer Brown of UNI, um, Northern Illinois, he’s six, eight and a half and three hundred and fifteen pounds.

Speaker 3 01:01:58
So he’s got, he’s, you’re looking at him next to people. He looks like Ivan Drago. I mean, he’s, he’s like, you know, he’s just, he’s just massive dude. And they’re guys, they’re been guys like that before that, you know, aren’t, aren’t too good.

Speaker 3 01:02:12
The difference with him is that he has really good, really, really good knee bend. Um, and that’s, that’s what these guys that are that big, um, often like.

Speaker 1 01:02:23
He popped all week on the one of one drills. Yeah.

Speaker 3 01:02:26
He doesn’t quite know what he’s doing yet. And you wouldn’t probably wouldn’t expect him to. But he was swallowing up guys that were trying to come on. Yeah, he has the ability to swallow up dudes. He gets, you know, if he places this, if he gets a little bit too far back or, you know, he gets a little bit too perpendicular shoulder pads to the to the line of scrimmage and, you know, and then he can get beat to the inside or something like that.

Speaker 3 01:02:51
You know, it gets all.

Speaker 1 01:02:52
off the stool like they like to say.

Speaker 3 01:02:54
Yeah, these are the things that he’s gonna learn. He’s gonna learn better feel for it in the NFL, but you’re looking for guys that are gonna go to the NFL and not in any way be intimidated by the fact that these guys are much bigger and stronger and faster.

Speaker 3 01:03:11
And this is a guy like that. This is a guy, he’s gonna get the NFL and he’s like, oh, these are my people, you know? Like, and that’s, because that’s what it is. I mean, really. And so he has great knee bend, really good mobility.

Speaker 3 01:03:23
I mean, there’s some highlight reels. You can look up highlight reels of him, I think, and you can see him. I mean, I think he’s a rare combo. I think he looked a lot like Sebastian Fallmer, you know, back in the New England Patriots.

Speaker 3 01:03:37
And so I’d really take a look at him. And then the other guy, Aaron Banks, was probably the best guard in Mobile. I think he might have leap, leap, leap, I mean, Trace Smith’s medical issues, probably we’re gonna have him sink like a stone anyway, but in terms of even just who’s better, I think Aaron Banks might have gotten above him, of Notre Dame.

Speaker 3 01:03:59
And also, I think he had a rapport with L ‘Amulet Jean -Pierre and he’s a smart dude. So I’d keep an eye on him. I’d keep an eye on, you know, obviously, Hansie. And Miners, I mean, God, Flores, he’s such a Flores guy, right?

Speaker 1 01:04:20
Well, if we’re going to talk about a guy, and I guess we could move off the offensive line with this and move on to other positions, probably positions that are not of need, but of opportunity. If we’re going to talk about a guy that Flores took a liking to, DeMar Hamlin of Pittsburgh, Safety, all week from day one, he had him call the secondary splits and then he had him call them in the game, all game.

Speaker 1 01:04:49
And then of course he gets an interception and then the first time you see him come off the field, there’s Brian Flores, high -fiving him and smiling ear to ear. Yep. There’s something there.

Speaker 3 01:04:59
Right. There’s definitely something there. There’s something there. And he’s, and he’s a lengthy guy like, and this is, this is something we’re probably missing on that backend as far as like the, you know, Bobby McCain’s position.

Speaker 3 01:05:12
You know, DeMar Hamlin is a lengthy dude. And, and I think that that’s, that can be important. You know, John Johnson comes to mind as a, as a guy that’s back there. That’s, that’s in, in that same kind of role and, and his, his length, you know, relative to, to his height really helps him out.

Speaker 3 01:05:36
And I think that, I think what you said is right on. Brian Flores was all over this guy. And I do think it’s a position of need. I think that because of the, because of the budget crunch, they might even have, they might even have to look at doing something with Bobby McCain.

Speaker 3 01:05:52
I mean, there’s a reason Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald was, was writing about the safety position and writing about, you know, possibly saving cap space by cutting Bobby McCain and maybe, maybe getting a new safety or something.

Speaker 3 01:06:08
I think Brian Flores is looking for new blood there. And, and DeMar Hamlin would fit really, really perfectly.

Speaker 1 01:06:20
Hmm. I agree. And if we’re talking about Bobby McCain, how about to me, he looked like his clone, Trey Brown, I thought had a great week. Well, you know, you didn’t see him in the game. I don’t know if he even played, to be honest with you.

Speaker 1 01:06:34
No, it was good all week, Trey Brown.

Speaker 3 01:06:37
Oklahoma corner. He was had head and shoulders above everybody. Everybody. Even Keith Taylor, not well, maybe not head and shoulders above Keith Taylor because he was really good. Um,

Speaker 1 01:06:47
But yeah, he didn’t have the PR staff that Richie Grant had all week.

Speaker 3 01:06:52
Yeah, that’s right. I mean, Richie Grant was good. He had a great presence all the time. Not taking anything away from him. And I think he’s life being long -ling. Yeah, I think Brian Flores would naturally be attracted to him in the same way that he’d be attracted to Bobby McCain.

Speaker 3 01:07:10
So, taking nothing away from there. Trey Brown as a corner. Keith Taylor and Trey Brown were together. Let’s say that together. They’re together, head and shoulders above everybody else at corner to meet in the drills.

Speaker 3 01:07:27
I mean, just in what they’re doing out there and what they’re able to do, he was unassailable, Trey Brown was. Absolutely. And that’s really hard to do in those one -on -ones. I’m telling you, that is not easy.

Speaker 3 01:07:43
The one -on -ones are geared for the wide receiver to win. Absolutely.

Speaker 1 01:07:47
That’s what I look for. If I see a corner that’s competing, then I say, okay, what’s the competition like? Okay, that’s a good, that’s, that’s if it’s Patrick on the other side. Okay. Yeah, this guy can play.

Speaker 3 01:07:57
Yeah, exactly. You’re looking for, you really are looking for like nuances, things in there and not just, oh, he caught the ball or he gave up the catch or something like that. You really are looking for it because it’s so geared toward the wide receiver.

Speaker 3 01:08:15
It’s kind of ridiculous.

Speaker 1 01:08:17
And truth be told, a lot of these wide receivers, they’re just cheating out there. Like some of the blocks don’t exist.

Speaker 3 01:08:23
Yeah, they make them up as they go. And I’ve actually heard, I’ve heard coaches on the, you know, sitting on the sidelines of these all stars. I’ve heard, I think I said this on another podcast, I’ve heard coaches be like, he just made that one up as he went.

Speaker 3 01:08:37
That’s a win for you. You know, like there ain’t no route like that. Like he just, he just started making it up. Yeah, there’s no.

Speaker 1 01:08:44
time to run some of those routes.

Speaker 3 01:08:46
Yeah, exactly. And like, you know, I think that that’s, that that can be a win for, um, for those guys. But yeah, I think Trey Brown definitely, you know, he was a huge standout among the corners. I just, is Miami gonna go there though?

Speaker 3 01:09:01
You know, is Miami gonna go for another corner after they just got Igmanogna? I don’t think they’re giving up on Igmanogna at all.

Speaker 1 01:09:09
Places say December 11th. It has almost 12 years left

Speaker 3 01:09:09
Not, you know, not at all. And, and I don’t think they’re going to end up losing Xavier and Howard. That’s my personal opinion. So, you know, I think, I think that they’re probably going to. DeMar Hamlin.

Speaker 3 01:09:22
Yeah. Maybe Richie Grant. Yeah. Yeah. Trey Brown, Keith Taylor, probably not. Yeah. But great players.

Speaker 1 01:09:31
Those are good great players though. Great players though.

Speaker 3 01:09:34
Absolutely. I don’t know what that should be. What about the defensive front, though?

Speaker 1 01:09:39
Yeah. And that’s where the two Pittsburgh guys are interesting to me because if there was ever, and we talked about this on the WhatsApp chat, but I noticed it right away, like I’m not gonna say the consensus, but most scouts would say, Patrick Jones, right?

Speaker 1 01:09:58
It’s probably the better prospect. Rashad Weaver looks like a dolphin to me and Patrick Jones doesn’t look at all like a dolphin to me. I would say Rashad Weaver is probably a guy that they looked at, and especially the way that they played them all week, they looked at him and they said, you know what, maybe this guy is somewhere around 122 and we can take him.

Speaker 3 01:10:22
possibly. They were forced to use these guys in this way this week because, you know, the only true defensive tackle that they had on roster, I think was Osai Odegizua. And he’s not even really a true defensive tackle.

Speaker 3 01:10:38
He’s 280 pounds. I mean, and he plays defensive end at times and plays inside at times. And they had to have him at one tech all week. Like that’s their only guy. Yeah, it’s a run jack.

Speaker 1 01:10:55
Ron Jackson got used by all those centers.

Speaker 3 01:11:01
They’re forcing all these guys to move inside. And I just thought Rashad Weaver was very up and down during the week. And there were times that looked pretty good. And then there was times that he’s like, you have no plan.

Speaker 3 01:11:17
Like, what are you doing out there? And so there’s, it was very up and down. The reason people are attracted to Patrick Jones, who by the way had one of the worst practice weeks of anybody. Absolutely.

Speaker 3 01:11:31
At any position. The reason people are attracted to him is he’s more, he’s more of the kind of a change of direction, agile, lateral, scrappy kind of look to him. Whereas Rashad Weaver is probably a more linear looking guy.

Speaker 3 01:11:52
And I think some teams are just attracted to the one versus the other. They could be, if they’re looking for length though, Generous Robinson has absolutely ludicrous length. I think he’s like 36 inch arms or something like that.

Speaker 3 01:12:10
And just, you know, Adé O ‘Gondegi of Notre Dame has great length and showed it. Ellerson Smith, we talked about. Looks exactly like Jason Taylor out there. He’s got great, but he’s like, he’s six, six and a half and he’s 262 pounds or something like that.

Speaker 3 01:12:28
I mean, he’s not.

Speaker 1 01:12:30
say that he looks like Jason Taylor, you know, right down to his first step, the use of his hands, how he gets off of the corner, how he throws the flipper. It’s all too familiar. It’s it’s the only thing he

Speaker 3 01:12:42
The only thing he doesn’t do that I, you know, it’s just like, can somebody teach you that? I wonder is, is that, you know, dip around edge and come back up to the quarterback? Yeah. I haven’t really seen that out of them.

Speaker 3 01:12:54
And that goes back to the UNI tape that I’ve, that I’ve watched of them. And some people will be like, Oh, you can’t even be a good defensive or a pass rush prospect. If you can’t do that, well, maybe because that’s not as big a part of NFL pass rush as you think, you know, as, as you tend to think.

Speaker 3 01:13:14
And so, so yeah, he was, he’s a real standout, but the best, best pass rush or best defensive lineman, best defensive lineman of the week was Cam sample of two lane of any squad, either squad, Cam sample was the best defensive defensive lineman.

Speaker 3 01:13:31
And I believe he was recognized as such, you know, he was definitely voted by his own squad as the best DL on a squad. And I thought I heard that he got voted as like the best DL period from, from either squad.

Speaker 3 01:13:47
And he’s 274 pounds. He’s 274 pounds. He looks, he’s built like a bigger Cam wake. And they used him, I mean, they had, they even had to, because the way the roster was, they even had to use them at one technique on his squad.

Speaker 3 01:14:04
Yes. And which is weird, you know, right? Because, because this guy, if you wash them at two lane, he’s an outside linebacker. Like that’s, that’s how they use them. Like the outside linebacker at two lane opposite the other guy that Simon really likes.

Speaker 3 01:14:21
I think it’s, it’s something Johnson, Patrick Johnson, maybe. Yeah, Patrick Johnson. Patrick Johnson is a guy that Simon really likes. I started looking at Patrick Johnson. I was like, Holy shit, who’s the guy on the other side?

Speaker 3 01:14:31
And, and he’s the outside linebacker on the other side. He’s being used at one technique and doing fine. Like he’s like, like he’s just, you know, yeah, I’m fine. And three technique, he’s deadly. Three tech might be, might have been his most dangerous position of the week at senior bowl, going up against guards.

Speaker 3 01:14:52
And then of course, I, you know, he can play on the outside. That’s where he plays normally. He was, he was a really strong, I mean, if you wash two lane, you already knew he was pretty good. But he was, you know, you find out that he’s this good.

Speaker 3 01:15:09
That’s, that’s the difference.

Speaker 1 01:15:11
Yeah, I completely agree. And one last thing, I don’t know if you’ve seen the meme, but it happened in the movie also. When Yoda, he says there is another.

Speaker 3 01:15:25
Thank you.

Speaker 1 01:15:26
Okay, Rayquan McMillan, Jerome Baker. Yep. Baron Browning?

Speaker 3 01:15:32
So, so it seems I am browning. I would tell people because I’ve had Ohio State people come to me and they’re like,

Speaker 1 01:15:43
talking about the linebacker.

Speaker 3 01:15:43
Ohio State. Right. Linebacker Ohio State. There’s a reason Ohio State, by the way, all three of their linebackers in the senior bowl, all of them were on Brian Flores’ squad. That’s not a coincidence.

Speaker 3 01:16:00
You know, Jim Nagy and Brian Flores are friends. And there’s, there are connections between Brian Flores and Ohio State and not just Ryan Day. You know, and so I’ll, you know, I’ll leave it there. But, but yeah, there’s a reason, there’s a reason those guys were all out there.

Speaker 3 01:16:20
Baron Browning, the thing I would tell people that have been a little bit underwhelmed, maybe by stats or by, you know, he’s done is go look at what he did and how he played against Alabama. That’s the kind of football player that I would want on my team at a linebacker position.

Speaker 3 01:16:37
And this is a need position. This is, this is one of the, right now need like center because Elandon Roberts is a free agent, but Elandon Roberts also like tors up in his knee. I don’t, you know, I don’t know if it ever officially came out.

Speaker 1 01:16:54
Body parts were falling off of them in that rain. Yeah, I mean.

Speaker 3 01:16:57
Yeah, and so very, very late in the season, significant knee injury immediately went on IR. And significant shoulder injury too. Yeah, and so he’s beat up. You can’t, even if you weren’t a free agent, I don’t think you could count on him for next year.

Speaker 3 01:17:12
So I think this is a need now position, this linebacker position. And Baron Browning, you have to wonder, and maybe this was the purpose of Miami coaching, is he a guy that just steps right in and fills that Elandon Roberts role, be it ultra aggressive.

Speaker 3 01:17:33
But the thing that he’s got that, that Elandon Roberts doesn’t have is the length and the speed to be more. And that’s what kind of gives you, and so he’s gonna probably go higher than most than a lot of people think.

Speaker 3 01:17:51
And I wonder if Miami would be one of the teams after him.

Speaker 1 01:17:55
Yeah, and he also, he also wins the, the name Olympics. If the divine Diablo didn’t exist, Baron Browning would have the best name in the draft. The guy’s name after a machine gun. Come on. All right.

Speaker 1 01:18:08
All right. Oh, by the way, I had it in my, I didn’t want to say it just in case it wasn’t true, but I had it in my notes. When we were talking about cam sample, he had the best rep against Creed Humphrey in the Cable game.

Speaker 1 01:18:22
That’s true. OK. In a game. When the game.

Speaker 3 01:18:24
In the game itself, yeah, I know what you’re talking about.

Speaker 1 01:18:27
Okay, in a game where nobody had a good rep against Creed Humphrey, Cam Sample did. All right, I hope.

Speaker 3 01:18:34
That actually happened in practices. That happened in practices where, gosh, I’m trying to think of who it was, but he generally was not getting beat in the practice and Cam Sample was the guy that gave him trouble all of a sudden.

Speaker 3 01:18:55
And that was, I’ll have it here in a second, but there was, well, there are a couple of good guys in their practices and on the offensive line, I think we’ve talked about him, but Deontay Brown, he beat Deontay Brown pretty easily, but Deontay showed that he can be beat on the outside with speed.

Speaker 3 01:19:16
He beat Trey Smith, which is, that’s kind of a bigger deal there. And he beat, I don’t think he ever got to face off with Leatherwood, but he definitely was beating Drake Jackson, Aleerick Jackson, guys like that.

Speaker 3 01:19:37
So he was just all over the place. And then he had the, I think he was defensive MVP of the game or something like that. I think that’s what it was, but yeah, he was phenomenal.

Speaker 1 01:19:48
All right, I hope everybody is happy with our senior ball coverage this year because I don’t see anybody else doing what we did All right, but now we’re gonna get into the game Okay, it’s kind of weird that this is our Super Bowl special and we’ve done done an hour and a half on offensive coordinators and the senior Bowl and now I’m gonna do about five minutes on a game

Speaker 3 01:20:08
It’s oddly, you know what, Ethan and I were just down on Tampa, you know, going through, going by the Super Bowl experience and radio row. It’s oddly appropriate. We called this Super Bowl 55. It really feels like 54 and a half.

Speaker 3 01:20:26
And that’s, you know, that’s the truth. It just doesn’t, this is such a wasted opportunity for a waste for the city of Tampa. I have to think that they’re gonna put a Super Bowl back here within three, four years to make up for it.

Speaker 3 01:20:41
It’s no man’s land out there. Radio row was, I mean, I was at radio row last year in Miami, Super Bowl week, you know, it’s bustling, it’s tight, you know, there’s all kinds of things going on. And this, we went to radio row.

Speaker 3 01:20:58
It was, I mean, it was like, ah, it was depressing. It was just, we walked out of there just depressed. Well, radio row.

Speaker 1 01:21:06
is usually depressing.

Speaker 3 01:21:08
Yeah, it wasn’t. Well, I don’t think so. I think it’s, you know, there’s a lot of things happening and there’s a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of people and a lot of players and a lot of different personalities and stuff like that.

Speaker 3 01:21:20
That radio row when we went in there was just all this massively spaced out, super quiet, just everybody looked like they wanted to kill themselves. And that’s, I mean, that’s the whole Super Bowl area this year over by the, you know, it’s tough.

Speaker 3 01:21:38
It’s really tough. They’re doing the best they can. And I really appreciate the things that they’re doing to make everybody safe and, you know, phenomenal job that they’re doing. But it’s a really tough thing.

Speaker 3 01:21:51
And so it feels oddly, you know, appropriate for us to just spend basically five minutes at the end of the podcast on the game.

Speaker 1 01:22:02
Yeah, and I’ll start off like this. And I guess, you know, we could just get into what we think can happen. Well, you and me, come on, you know, both of us are huge. Patrick Mahomes fans. OK, by extension, it makes us chiefs fans in a game like this that Tom Brady is on the other side.

Speaker 1 01:22:22
You know, forget it. All right. Minus three looks great to me. Why am I afraid to bet against Tom Brady and these Tampa Bay Bucks? Chris.

Speaker 3 01:22:31
Yeah, I think that if you look at previous Super Bowls, the game seems to have a way of finding, has a way of becoming close, or being a close game. I mean, even though you wouldn’t think, you’d think that the average is, and it’s just somebody would run away with it more often.

Speaker 1 01:22:51
It used to be remember that the NFC kept blowing out the AFC for 4 ,000 years in a row, remember? Right, right, exactly. And then to the point where people were speculating, you know what? We got to join the playoffs.

Speaker 1 01:23:02
So that way we could possibly have a Giants Eagles Super Bowl. Right, right, okay. Or a Giants 49er Super Bowl because all of these bums from the AFC are worthless. Okay, that’s what the, at one point that was the hot take.

Speaker 1 01:23:17

Speaker 3 01:23:17
I could see it, but you know, it’s been lately, it’s been just like finding a way to be close. And so that’s why that’s why I’d hesitate on that three. It’s because I think it could be a push, you know, I think I think it could be exactly three.

Speaker 3 01:23:34
But I told, I was saying earlier today, Ethan, Ethan and I were we’re videotaping and I think that and you and I have had this discussion before and you’re wondering, you know, because the chiefs aren’t winning by that much and you know, are they losing it?

Speaker 3 01:23:53
Are they losing their magic? And to me, I think, I think it’s the opposite. I think that they added to their magic. And it’s because last year we knew that they could front run. We knew that they could they could show up and just blow you out of the game, you know, start off with three touchdowns in a five minute period and then just, you know, just victimize you after that.

Speaker 3 01:24:20
And just I think that we knew that that could happen. It can still happen. It could happen in this game easily because they’re that dangerous. But at the end of the season last year, and especially in the Super Bowl, what they started to show was the character to start winning these close ones and really fight.

Speaker 3 01:24:43
And I think that’s a different I think that’s a different characteristic for a team. And so when they won, however many in a row this year that they won by tight scores, it was eight and eight in a row.

Speaker 1 01:24:57
record eight games in a row by six or less points that streak ended against the Buffalo Bills in the ASC Championship game.

Speaker 3 01:25:06
You know, it’s one thing if it’s the Buffalo bills doing that and you start to question whether, you know, because, because if they were, if the Buffalo bills were doing that, it’s because their offense isn’t too good.

Speaker 3 01:25:15
And, um, and so there you’d be like, ah, you know, the Buffalo bills, they’re, they’re kind of lucky to, to scrape by. If it’s a team that you know can blow you out because they have that ability. Um, that kind of ability, the eight in a row, winning tight games, you know, really pulling it out.

Speaker 3 01:25:36
It’s like a horse. It’s like the horse with tactical speed. It’s like a horse that can, that it’s like American Pharaoh. Yeah. You know, it’s basically the horse that can blow you out from wire to wire.

Speaker 3 01:25:48
Also the horse that can look the other horse in the eye and come and come out ahead. Yeah. You know, that’s it off the lead. That’s yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s, or yeah, or, or come off the leader. I mean, that’s, that’s what I think the, the chiefs are showing this year.

Speaker 3 01:26:02
And I think that’s scary as shit. And, and I think, I don’t think there’s any way that they’re losing this game. But, you know, now I say that they’re going to lose.

Speaker 1 01:26:11
I’ll say this, Tampa Bay. The power of my jankz is…

Speaker 3 01:26:14
really strong.

Speaker 1 01:26:15
Yeah, Tampa Bay looked overwhelming in these playoffs, especially considering that Tom Brady was absolutely awful in the second half against an Aaron Rodgers led team in Green Bay, and it still wasn’t enough to beat Tampa Bay.

Speaker 1 01:26:29
So I don’t know, they’re finding ways. Now, I will say this, minus three and a half, I would not take the Chiefs. I’m not, I don’t like the game. Now, minus three, yeah, I’ll have some fun with it. To be honest with you, I’m probably gonna play some props.

Speaker 1 01:26:46
You know, play some props just because it’s a Super Bowl. I like to have a little money on it.

Speaker 3 01:26:50
Why not some DFS with prize picks?

Speaker 1 01:26:55
Absolutely. Or, you know, of course, if you’re going to bet on the game, my bookie and use three yards. But let’s get to it. What happens in the game? Give me a score and give me the MVP.

Speaker 3 01:27:09
Okay, the MVP is gonna be Patrick Mahomes. I do believe. Whoa.

Speaker 1 01:27:13
You know, you came off the top rope with that one, you know? Hot take. Yep.

Speaker 3 01:27:20
Really, really going out on a limb here. Yeah, it’s going to be Patrick Mahomes. And I think that it’s going to be a closer game. You know, just let’s call it four points because I think the odds are it’s either the three point the push on the three or or a win for the chiefs against the spread.

Speaker 3 01:27:42
But I think I think it’s going to be one of those games where it’s like 31 or 32 to 28 or something like that. And I think that, yeah, I think the the Bucks might have a defensive touchdown. You know, I could see that happening.

Speaker 3 01:28:00
But I think the chiefs just have too much character in those tight ones. I scare as a shit out of me if I know that they can blow you out or they can win the tight one.

Speaker 1 01:28:11
Yeah, I’m kind of with you and I’m gonna go I’m trying to go off the I’m gonna go off the board because I am gonna bet this I was thinking about this today And I was like, okay if there was gonna be somebody else in this game out of everybody in this game Outside of the two quarterbacks to win the MVP.

Speaker 1 01:28:30
Who would it be? And I was thinking oh that one’s obvious Tyree kill right Tyree kill look at what he did against the Bucks last time, okay? He had 200 yards in the first quarter First quarter 200 yards receiving Okay, I think if he does that again I think it’ll be just too obvious and you cannot deny him the MVP So that’s gonna be my shot in the dark for MVP.

Speaker 1 01:29:01
I’m gonna call the score 34 31 and I think both quarterbacks play well. I think Tom Brady has more of a running component in this game I think for net put some yards up But it won’t be enough and I think it’ll end with Tom Brady with the football Maybe throwing in interception somewhere around midfield, but you know, it’s

Speaker 3 01:29:21
interesting about that though with Tom Brady, I’m a believer in the momentum thing. And he had piss poor momentum at the end of that conference championship. Right. I mean, it was, it was really awful in the, in the latter part of that game.

Speaker 3 01:29:37
And, um, I wonder if that carries in, but, you know, maybe not.

Speaker 1 01:29:44
I do expect a good game though. And as far as being at home, what kind of advantage is it? Well, you get to use your own. Well, they have used their own practice facility. So that’s a thing, right? But you don’t have your home crowd.

Speaker 1 01:30:01
Even if it was a Super Bowl, you’re not going to have your home crowd. You haven’t had your home crowd all year anyway. So I don’t think it would make much of a difference. I think there is that Florida Jinks, which I don’t think is much of a Jinks when he keeps winning every time for Patrick Mahomes.

Speaker 1 01:30:18
He just doesn’t play his best, let’s just say. So, you know, everybody has a lot going for them. But I’m throwing in with Patrick Mahomes.

Speaker 3 01:30:30
And he threw, he threw for 462 yards in that game. He gets, he gets the bucks. That’s crazy. Right. And, and to your point about Tyree Kelly at 269 of those yards, 13 catches for 260 yards on three touchdowns.

Speaker 1 01:30:47
I say he does it again. Okay. Uh, and I think that that’s how you cannot deny him the MVP. I think if a wide receiver in a Super Bowl has 200 and something yards receiving and probably two or three touchdowns, yeah, you cannot deny him the MVP.

Speaker 3 01:31:04
Yeah, even if the quarterback had the stat line, that did he have the, he might have had, I wonder if he had the perfect, no, he did not have a perfect quarterback rating. So it was probably, it had to be close, but it wasn’t.

Speaker 1 01:31:17
I don’t think it was because I think didn’t need to pick late in the game or something because it was on the comeback trail

Speaker 3 01:31:23
No picks, but you know, it was 37 of 49. So that right there, 37 of 49 is 76%. That’s ridiculous. For 462 yards, 462 yards. That’s all? That’s 9 .4 YPA. Wow. Three touchdown zero interceptions. Wow. I’m a little bit shocked that’s not a perfect rating, actually.

Speaker 1 01:31:49
Well, you know, enjoy the game, dear listeners, you cannot complain this week. All right. If, you know, if anybody says that we were just, you know, mailing it in this week, you know, stop listening to the show.

Speaker 1 01:32:02
So this was our Super Bowl special. I hope you enjoyed. There was everything in this thing. And as far as senior bowl, like, is anybody offering our coverage? No, that’s the quick answer. But thank you for listening all year.

Speaker 1 01:32:16
The season is winding down. We got like, what, one more show left in the season before we start season four of Three Yards per Carry. So we will see you guys next week.

Speaker 2 01:32:29
Thanks for listening to 3 Yards Per Cadi. You can subscribe via iTunes, on Podbean or your usual podcast provider.

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