The transcript covers a podcast discussing players and impressions from the 2021 Senior Bowl practices and preparations. It focuses on standout offensive linemen like Aaron Banks, Creed Humphrey, Quinn Meinerz, and defensive linemen like Elerson Smith and Jason Oweh. They debate whether Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa is the clear 2021 starter based on comments about his mobility, and speculate on Matt Stafford’s potential landing spots like the Colts or 49ers.

Top Offensive Linemen Performances
They highlight small-school standout Quinn Meinerz as dominant and likely moving up into mid-Day 2 consideration. Other top offensive linemen like Creed Humphrey and Aaron Banks met high expectations, while James Hudson, D’Ante Smith, and Robert Hainsey also impressed at tackle and guard.
Intriguing but Disappointing Edge Rushers
Anwaur Oweh showed impressive athleticism but didn’t produce in 2020. Elerson Smith has tremendous physical traits but is very raw. Patrick Jones and Chauncey Golston struggled to make an impact.
Tua Tagovailoa’s Status as 2021 Starter
They debate whether coaches referencing Tua’s mobility confirms he is clearly the starter for 2021 amid trade speculation. Consensus is the team won’t give up major assets for Deshaun Watson and will continue building around Tua.
Potential Destinations for Matthew Stafford
They discuss potential landing spots for Matthew Stafford like the Colts and 49ers. Most likely options are playoff-ready teams with good infrastructure that Stafford could push over the top.

Full Transcription Summary

The transcript covers a podcast discussing players and impressions from the 2021 Senior Bowl practices and preparations. It focuses on standout offensive linemen like Aaron Banks, Creed Humphrey, Quinn Meinerz, and defensive linemen like Elerson Smith and Jason Oweh. They debate whether Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa is the clear 2021 starter based on comments about his mobility, and speculate on Matt Stafford’s potential landing spots like the Colts or 49ers.
Top Offensive Linemen Performances
They highlight small-school standout Quinn Meinerz as dominant and likely moving up into mid-Day 2 consideration. Other top offensive linemen like Creed Humphrey and Aaron Banks met high expectations, while James Hudson, D’Ante Smith, and Robert Hainsey also impressed at tackle and guard.
Intriguing but Disappointing Edge Rushers
Anwaur Oweh showed impressive athleticism but didn’t produce in 2020. Elerson Smith has tremendous physical traits but is very raw. Patrick Jones and Chauncey Golston struggled to make an impact.
Tua Tagovailoa’s Status as 2021 Starter
They debate whether coaches referencing Tua’s mobility confirms he is clearly the starter for 2021 amid trade speculation. Consensus is the team won’t give up major assets for Deshaun Watson and will continue building around Tua.
Potential Destinations for Matthew Stafford
They discuss potential landing spots for Matthew Stafford like the Colts and 49ers. Most likely options are playoff-ready teams with good infrastructure that Stafford could push over the top.
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Speaker 2 01:22
Welcome to Three Yards Per Carry, a podcast covering the Miami Dolphins and the NFL. Now, here’s your hosts, Chris, Alf and Simon.

Speaker 1 01:34
And we’re on. Welcome to another edition of Three Yards for Kerry, a senior bowl edition of Three Yards for Kerry. Although next week, we’ll probably recap the entire thing, but we could give you some bits and pieces today.

Speaker 1 01:47
But before we get into that, they still don’t have as of this recording on a Wednesday, they still don’t have an offensive coordinator. Simon, the strong rumor is that it could be Candoorcy. Now, have they even interviewed Candoorcy?

Speaker 1 02:05
Has he been here in Davy? Has he met with Flores? These things, I don’t know the answer to. Do you know the answer to any of those things?

Speaker 3 02:15
I would assume they have an interview because the bills have only just got knocked out the playoffs, but I mean I’m in the dark as anybody frankly. They’ve been running a sort of dual two -headed monster in in Mobile with Godsey and Studsville running the offensive show, but it’s clear to me certainly that They want to employ an outsider if they were going to employ the Godsey or Studsville.

Speaker 3 02:39
They would have done so in the past couple of weeks I don’t know if they’re waiting for Matt Canada and we’re disappointed that he went to Pittsburgh I don’t know if they’re waiting for Mike Kafka to get knocked out the playoffs or they’re waiting for Buffalo to get knocked out so they could talk to Ken Dorsey whether Luke Getsey and Green Bay You know whoever but it certainly seems to me to be an external candidate and Dorsey seems like you know the Dorsey following the dolphins Jason Jenkins and a couple of people on social media and Eric Flowers Instagramming the picture Dorsey in his Miami uniform kind of Was intriguing, but I mean I’m is in the dark as anybody else.

Speaker 3 03:15
I think

Speaker 4 03:19
Doesn’t Ken Dorsey now follow Tom Garfinkel?

Speaker 3 03:23
Yeah, I think so.

Speaker 1 03:24
Yeah, although sleuthing suggests that he’s already our offensive coordinator, but we think

Speaker 4 03:31
I think it would be really weird if he just started following all of a sudden Tom Garfinkel and some Miami people and it had nothing to do with that. I think something I’ve been saying, suggesting is that they were going to let Eric Studsville and George Godsey coach the senior bowl as a leg up.

Speaker 4 03:59
They clearly care about their assistants. They’re not selfish. They interviewed them for the OC job. Maybe they don’t give it to them, but they still would probably like to see them coach the senior bowl in front of the entire NFL and give themselves a little bit of a leg up for the future.

Speaker 4 04:20
I think that that’s going to happen. Now, if you’re going to make that decision and let them do that, first of all, this playbook was always going to be the 2020 playbook. Let’s dispense with any ideas that they were going to hire some offensive coordinator and install everything they needed to install in a couple of days and then run with that at the senior bowl.

Speaker 4 04:46
It was always going to be the 2020 playbook. Studsville and Godsey are appropriate for that at the senior bowl. If you’re making that decision, you’re going to let them coach it. It dawned a couple of weeks ago that maybe you wouldn’t even want to announce the offensive coordinator before they did that.

Speaker 4 05:07
It might be awkward for them. It might feel like you’ve kneecapped them. I think overall, they might just be trying to be good to their assistants. I do think it’s probably Dorsey. I was told that he told the Seattle Seahawks no.

Speaker 4 05:31
That was the text that he said no to them, and that’s why they hired Shane Waldron.

Speaker 1 05:38
Yeah, and think about that. Think about that. Say no to a team that has Russell Wilson. Sure. Order back? Sure. Like that has to mean something.

Speaker 4 05:46
So I do think, you know, very good odds that it’s, you know, better than 50 -50 odds to me that it’s Ken Dorsey. But at this point, I’ve also, you know, we talked about it’s sort of a who knows thing because, you know, trying to follow the breadcrumbs on this one has been terrible.

Speaker 4 06:04
You know, there’s there’s all kinds of things and going in every direction. So, but overall, I do think it’s Dorsey. It seems to have last minute sort of fallen in line that way.

Speaker 1 06:19
Do we know anything about what kind of offense he might run Simon?

Speaker 3 06:25
No idea whatsoever.

Speaker 1 06:28
We know he coached Cam Newton. We know he was in Buffalo.

Speaker 4 06:33
Mike, Mike Shula’s offense and, you know, some exposure to Rob Chudzinski, some exposure to Mike, Mike Shula, clearly Brian Dable up in Buffalo. Yeah. And so, you know, these are good. We don’t know what he’s going to run, but these aren’t these aren’t bad influences.

Speaker 4 06:54
As far as as far, I mean, I don’t think Miami was going to hire anybody that that has like a, that has a really dogmatic offensive system. They’re going to, they want to hire a guy who’s going to change things up for the personnel, maybe even change things up for the week, you know?

Speaker 4 07:17
That seems to be their way. So I’d assume that Kendorsey’s like that if he’s hired.

Speaker 1 07:23
All right. Well, since we don’t know much else, now we’re going to go back to his time with Chazinsky. It’s a lot of ace personnel and a lot of 11 personnel. So it’s a lot of 11, a lot of 12 is what you’re going to see.

Speaker 1 07:38
But does that really suit Tua Tungabai at all?

Speaker 4 07:42
That’s everybody. Everybody’s a lot of 11 and that’s 12. Yeah, that’s kind of true, right? You know, everybody is between 50 and 70% 11 personnel in the NFL nowadays. It’s not even useful to talk about it.

Speaker 4 07:57
It’s so prevalent. I just, I like that. Here’s what I wouldn’t like. I wouldn’t like getting another guy that happened to be there while a great quarterback was great. You know?

Speaker 1 08:12
Mm -hmm.

Speaker 4 08:13
And by the great quarterbacks, I mean guys like Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady and Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes and stuff like that. And I’ll do with respect to Mike Kafka, who I actually am intrigued with.

Speaker 4 08:28
I worry about, we did this with Cam Cameron, we did this with Joe Philbin, we did this with Adam Gaze. I mean, what are we going to learn? You know, stop taking passengers from a really cool car. It’s just, yeah.

Speaker 4 08:44
So, and when I look at maybe Ken Dorsey, you could say, you know, he was with Cam Newton, Cam Newton was a great quarterback. And Josh Allen was really great this year. But I also know, and as big of a Newton fan as I am, as I was, and Simon was too.

Speaker 4 09:00
He had a lot of work to do, right, in order to be to be even viable at the NFL level, let alone have an MVP caliber season. And Josh Allen, as much as big of a fan as I’ve been of his for, you know, three, four years, he had a lot of work to do.

Speaker 4 09:18
So Ken Dorsey himself, the quarterback coach of those guys had a lot of work to do to get those guys to be MVP caliber players, which is what happened. So anyway, yeah.

Speaker 1 09:35
Yeah, doors shutting in the background is always about that. A nice aesthetic. Well, there’s a senior bull going on and we’ve been watching film and I didn’t I haven’t had a, you know, enough time to look at everything.

Speaker 1 09:50
I’ve just looked at wide receivers, but Simon’s as well versed in all these guys and as anybody else. So we could bounce stuff off of him. I don’t know if you want to go first, Chris, or I can go first.

Speaker 4 10:04
Um, I don’t know what Simon wouldn’t. Why don’t we go with Simon and you know what kind of what players do you think? Um, did you really want to see or I guess what were the players that were most intriguing to you heading into this?

Speaker 3 10:21
I mean, receiver or just generally? I mean, what it was just generally a couple of those little satellite backs. I was keen to look at Felton, Dimitriq Felton at UCLA, kind of small gadget running back, but was a former four star receiver.

Speaker 3 10:35
So you wanted to see what he was going to do. And actually they announced him as a receiver at the senior ball, but he’s been running the ball as well. He’s kind of naive, Heinz, that kind of skill set that people value at the NFL level, and he can bounce between receiver and running.

Speaker 3 10:46
But obviously it’s a, you know, for us as a team, we talked about it last week, just retooling that entire receiver group. You know, there’s some great receivers in this class. You know, I mean, you look at the guys that aren’t there.

Speaker 3 10:57
I mean, obviously Devonta is there, but now let me stop you.

Speaker 1 11:00
There’s Simon Dimitri Fulton. He had a great rep on Tuesday running a flag route. How fast is he gonna run? Do you have any information on that? Cause he looked fast to me.

Speaker 3 11:12
I don’t know off the top of my head, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but he’s got home run speeds. So, you know, I think he’s probably a four, four, three, late four, three. That makes complete sense though.

Speaker 1 11:23
with what I saw.

Speaker 3 11:25
Yeah, so then Devonta obviously is there, but not working out. Jamar Chase isn’t there, Waddles not there, Bateman’s not there, Rondell Moore’s not there, Terrence Marshall isn’t there, but Kaderius Tony is there.

Speaker 3 11:35
And obviously the biggest questions for Kaderius Tony are gonna be what he does off the field in terms of those interviews. He’s a Percy Harvin type, he’s got that stop, start, athleticism, electric with a ball in his hand, polished route runner, snappy in and out of his breaks.

Speaker 3 11:51
And I think he performed really well on the first day, Dianne Brown’s not there, but Amari Rogers is a guy that we all really like. Torres ACL was back with him about five months. I saw him from the sideline, I was putting some picture now, what’s that group earlier on?

Speaker 3 12:05
He is a Debo Samuel type, who was number two in the nation in YAC in the regular season in 2020, behind Smith, top five in YAC over the past four years in college football. RPO offense suits him really well, he’s a high character kid, he’s not gonna wow you with amazing speed, but he’s just got this great play strength, he’s well put together, he’s put together like a running back, he’ll use them on jet sweeps, no Justin Ross, no T Higgins, Frank Lanson injured, and yet he stepped up and took Clemson along with Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne as pretty much as far as I could go this year.

Speaker 3 12:38
I would say that if Jacksonville take Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick, Amari Rogers is probably gonna be a Jacksonville Jaguar at some point on day two, I’d imagine. I wanted to see Nico Collins at Michigan, but actually he’s not played particularly well in all the things that you look at on tape, his lack of suddenness, his inconsistency has kind of shown up, Tyler Wallace has done a pretty good job, Sage Sorrat is a guy we all like, he gives me some Jordy Nelson vibes, I don’t know what you guys feel about that, I wonder whether he’s an ex or is he a slot, does he have the strength to fight through the jam, but he never kind of loses his landmark, I don’t think, he’s very efficient early in the route, he attacks the leverage, he eats up the cushion, he’s not really twitchy, he’s not really snappy, but he’s a good player with good hands, it’s just, he has a good body.

Speaker 1 13:24
They very, very, very balanced. And if these guys are on the indication, I understand this is the senior bowl. We’re not getting the full gamut of what defensive backs are coming out this year. But they can’t push him off of the spot.

Speaker 1 13:37
He’s going to get into his route. He looked extremely strong. Say it. Yes.

Speaker 4 13:41
Sage, Sage, he’s strong as hell. I mean, he’s really strong. Yeah, and he has a, he gives me a lot of strength.

Speaker 1 13:46
Adam feeling vibes, which is a good thing to give. Yeah, to me, it’s like, it’s like

Speaker 4 13:51
like a baby Mike Evans. Yeah. He’s strong.

Speaker 3 13:55
and shy Smith has played well South Carolina kid is kind of Emmanuel Sanders. He’s really quick. He separates. Yeah, guy, not Chris routes, but I think he’s looked pretty Chris in the routes. I’ve seen great.

Speaker 1 14:05
Harrison there with manual sanders.

Speaker 3 14:07
Yeah, the issue with him is that he makes amazing catches then just drops easy. The drops have really killed him, but he’s competitive. He’s tenacious. I think he’s a really interesting guy. And then Dwayne Eskeridge, I think, has been the kind of standout, you know, the kid from Western Michigan in terms of the receivers.

Speaker 3 14:23
Most all of 2019 with an injury, but he’s just a dynamic playmaker. He runs a 4 -3 -3, they’re legit, not even hand time. That’s a proper time. Also played corner as well, was on Bruce Felburn’s freak list.

Speaker 3 14:35
He’s about undersized. He’s five nine one nine. He’d be actually he’s a flying machine explosive, wins at every level. So he’s been interesting to watch as well. So certainly from the receiver group, God, the dolphins need some help at receiver.

Speaker 3 14:48
You know, they’ve been some interesting guys to to watch early doors. So I don’t know what you guys have thought of the receivers.

Speaker 1 14:55
Yeah, I’ll bounce a few off of you. Kaderius Tonya, where do you think he’ll go in the draft? Is he a first round pick? I think he’s a first.

Speaker 3 15:05
around talent. I don’t know whether or not, you know, we’ve talked about this privately, the three of us, and also on social media, we’ve talked about the AR -15 situations and the gang issues and some of the off -field problems, the assault rifle staff and you know, how big a problem is that, you know, it seems like something that follows the University of Florida athletes around over the past 15 years.

Speaker 3 15:30
You look at the pounces, you look at God, Aaron, Hernandez, all those situations that they’ve had there under Urban Meyer with the 36 arrests or 36, you know, off -field issues they had under Myers tenure and it seems like these kids can’t keep out of their own way sometimes.

Speaker 3 15:46
I mean, he’s a really good player and I think, you know, you look at a team like, I mean, if you’re sitting on the board at 31, 32, the Kansas City Chiefs are there. I mean, if you randomly read, you know, imagine having a career as Tony to your list, you know, Sammy Watkins might be on the outs, but you know, all of a sudden you’ve got Kaderius Tony, the kid from Jormico Harman, Tyree Keel, Travis Kelsey, you know, those backs out of the backfield.

Speaker 3 16:11
I think he’s got top 40 talent, absolutely. Green Bay Packers could really use him in the slot with Devonte Adams and the big guys that got outside. Yeah, I think he’s an interesting player, you know, but it just depends on that off -field thing and whether that gets cleaned up and, you know, what his explanation is for the reasons why he had an AR -15 in the back of his car loaded on the way to a gang fight.

Speaker 3 16:30
I mean,

Speaker 1 16:31
Yeah, and let me ask you another question. Central Arkansas could be playing in my backyard, and I wouldn’t know anybody on that team. But they have a guy called Robert Rochelle, and he was really noticeable on Tuesday with, you know, Kaderius Tony, until, you know, Tony got him on a go route.

Speaker 1 16:49
Do you know anything about him? Because he seems sticky, rangy, cornerback.

Speaker 3 16:53
There’s some really interesting corners actually. Rochelle’s one of them. Thomas Graham has played really well at Oregon, I saw today. There’s a couple of kids that aren’t there. Ali -Antique Taylor’s a decent player.

Speaker 3 17:02
Aaron Robinson is there, the kid from UCF who, who DJ Daniel Jeremiah has been talking about. Rochelle is athletic, he’s six foot two, 195 pounds. He’s got foot print, yes. He pattern matches really well.

Speaker 3 17:14
I think that’s shown up in the senior bo, I’ve seen one of his games sort of dive in one of his games. I thought his technique was a little bit all over the place. I thought his fundamentals were lacking a little bit.

Speaker 3 17:25
He was a high school wide receiver, converted to corner. And obviously this weekend in Mobile is going to be critical for him. But there’s clearly some upside there. And he’s got those athletic traits that you look for.

Speaker 3 17:34
Yeah. But he’s part of that group of, you know, you go down the line, you look at Raderious Williams at Oklahoma State and Mark Webb and DJ Daniel at Georgia. And, you know, Obi -Wan Wuhs brother, if you are to, and, you know, there’s some serious sort of late day to early to mid -debt Trial Williams at Syracuse.

Speaker 3 17:54
There’s a Benjamin St. Joust, I mean, big senior bo for him, the kid from Minnesota, the Michigan transfer. He had a good first day, sort of long limbs, quick hips. There’s a lot of talent and corner in the draft this year.

Speaker 4 18:06
Now, could I say, could I ask you something though? Did you say Robert Rochelle is six foot two?

Speaker 3 18:11
That’s what he’s listed that anywhere. This is a great.

Speaker 4 18:14
This is a great case of the listing versus. Yeah, I have time to he’s he’s he’s an eighth of an inch under six foot. He’s five foot 11 and seven. Yeah. Now I’m not blaming anybody. That’s the listing.

Speaker 4 18:27
And this is why you just take the listing with a total grain of salt.

Speaker 1 18:32
He had the best reps against Tony of anybody out there until of course Tony ran right past him

Speaker 3 18:40
That’s the that’s the central Arkansas listing and having had time to update the actual. Yeah. Yeah, and and I

Speaker 4 18:45
especially a school like Central Arkansas, they’re gonna have, I think I saw like, we’ve talked about the tackle from North Dakota state, Dylan Raddins. Dylan Raddins, yeah. And I think his listing was like 265 pounds or something like that.

Speaker 4 18:58
Yeah. He’s over three.

Speaker 3 19:03
He was 6601 this year on the North Dakota State website. But I think he was like, you know, five foot nine, 240 pounds about two years ago. So yeah.

Speaker 1 19:13
All right, a couple more guys before Chris gets in here. Desphus Patrick, Louisville wide receiver. Louisville wide receiver, yeah. Pretty good. And the last one, if you can bounce this off. Not surprised he looked good.

Speaker 1 19:27
Kate Johnson, how fast is he going to be? Because he looks like he’s crafty. He looks like he’s a pro.

Speaker 3 19:33
Yeah, Fitzpatrick, first of all, again, this is from the Louisville website. So again, I haven’t done the official six to two 10ings and incredibly highly regarded receiver corner of high school, second most touchdowns in Michigan high school history, five star recruit highly touted, but just hasn’t lived up to the high decent football players got a stride size strength speed.

Speaker 3 19:52
But again, a bit like shy Smith absolutely played with the drops. He makes the big characters and then drops easy ones, returns and punts as well. Sort of lacks those kind of exceptional traits. He’s kind of OK, OK, you know, in a lot of areas, but doesn’t really, you know, doesn’t really have the.

Speaker 3 20:07
I don’t know, the separate the tools that would separate him from from others in the class and who’s the other guy that you mentioned, sorry.

Speaker 1 20:15
Yeah, the K. Johnson South Dakota State.

Speaker 3 20:19
Okay, yeah. He is a lot of product. I get some Cooper Cup vibes from him. I don’t know if you do, but it feels that sort of similar trajectory, like ridiculous production. Yeah, I don’t wanna go into it.

Speaker 1 20:32
to all the, but people can guess, okay? As he has that gym wrap. He’s at the same place. That a crafty.

Speaker 3 20:41
He’s an, yeah, he’s an FPS Hunter -Enfro. Yeah. 2 ,554 yards in 2018, 19, in 2018 and 19 put together second most in all of college football, more than CDLAM, more than Jerry Judy. He’s not a great athlete, but he’s got that.

Speaker 3 20:56
And none of the

Speaker 4 20:58
This is code for white either, because he’s not actually. No, he’s not white.

Speaker 3 21:02
though, picked out two white white receivers.

Speaker 1 21:06
But it’s just the way he plays. And I just kept staring at him saying, man, he’s pretty good. But I kept wondering, like, I don’t know if he’s fast because he doesn’t look fast.

Speaker 3 21:17
There’s a lot of fast, you look at Marcus Stevenson at Houston, Anthony Schwartz at Auburn as an absolute burner, Emile Smith, Mesa at Iowa as a, I mean, he’s got speed coming out of his, you know, everywhere.

Speaker 1 21:32
Thomas of Michigan because Des Fitzpatrick abused them for the greater part of Tuesday.

Speaker 3 21:38
Yeah, I really like Andrew Thomas. He’s a high floor player in my opinion. Obviously, plays at Michigan. He is a, I think he’s a solid day two. Nobby plays more press in college football than Don Brown.

Speaker 3 21:51
He looks like a sort of round three corner, absolutely worse. He’s got loose hips. He’s got a really good athletic profile. I’m just reading my notes here, but he wins with technique and instincts. He’s a former receiver.

Speaker 3 22:01
He’s very confident. When I watch him on tape, I don’t see panic with the ball in the air. And it’s something I enjoy watching with Pat Satan. Junior is the lack of panic. He tracks the ball in the air.

Speaker 3 22:11
He obviously opted out, but he’s a, you know, he’ll open his hips and run. He’s physical. He’s aggressive. You know, he rarely gives up inside position. To me, he looks, he’s a one year starter, but he’s a bit of an athletic ball of clay.

Speaker 3 22:23
I think he’s a five star receiver. Apparently off the field. He’s a great, great kid. I remember speaking to David Abeloff, who’s the amazing press officer at Michigan when I went to interview Trace Winovich and Russran Gary.

Speaker 3 22:37
And I talked about team captains and the, the positions that, um, that Winovich and Gary had taken on as leaders at Michigan. And Abeloff said that he pointed out, Ambrie Thomas was a kid. We talked about other leaders on the team.

Speaker 3 22:51
And he said, in terms of the young guys, I think Thomas was a sophomore at the time. He was like, you know, Ambrie is a kid that is, um, you know, showing all the vibes of being a serious leader. So yeah, he’s an interesting, interesting player, six foot 182 on the Michigan website.

Speaker 3 23:05
Don’t know what he, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but yeah, I like him a lot. He’s a, he’s a decent player.

Speaker 1 23:11
Yeah, he had bad moments against Desmond Patrick. Nothing against him, it’s just that, you know, that’s what made Desmond Patrick pop to me. One last guy, Tyler Wallace looked bad.

Speaker 4 23:23
On that note, Alph, it deserves to be said, because we’re talking about how many struggle, having watched these guys so much in these all -star settings, especially on the first day, a little bit on the second day, these wide receiver DB drills, the matchups are so geared toward the wide receiver.

Speaker 4 23:45
They’re such a huge advantage to the wide receiver on them. And you have to keep that in mind. And what you really look for, I think, is the improvement from day one to day two. And I think that’s true all the way around, because the pit drills we’ll talk about with offensive line, defensive line later, the same deal, it’s really geared toward the defensive player.

Speaker 4 24:11
But you’re looking for that improvement and sort of the feistiness. But I mean, in these drills, especially the one -on -one drills, these wide receivers sometimes just make up the route on the fly. And I’ve seen coaches just straight out, wide receiver got open, caught the ball, but he’s like, yeah, he just made that up as he went along.

Speaker 4 24:34
That’s a win for the DB right there. So you have to keep that in mind, I think.

Speaker 1 24:41
Yeah, and I know I said I had the last guy, but I’m going to give you one more because I thought he looked really good to me and that’s Trey Brown of Oklahoma.

Speaker 3 24:49
Yep. Do you want to do Tyler Wallace first? Mm -hmm. Yeah, Tyler Wallace looks like a…

Speaker 1 24:53
bad on Tuesday but I am a good player.

Speaker 3 24:57
Yeah, Oklahoma State kid, missed much of 2019, took with the Torne ACL, he suffered in practice. So really hasn’t played a great deal, but explosive down the field threat, attacks the ball in the air, catches pretty much everything.

Speaker 3 25:08
He’s sudden, he’s shifty, he’s tough, he blocks well. Again, and people always say, who does he remind you of? Some Tyler Lockett vibes, I think he’s a very good route runner, he’s competitive. Obviously he plays in the Big 12 though, so you don’t see an awful lot of press man in the Big 12.

Speaker 3 25:22
So that would be one thing to look for, you don’t see a lot of press man generally in college football as Omar Kelly and I are debating about Devonto Smith on social media right now, but yeah, interesting player though.

Speaker 3 25:36
And who was the guy that you mean? Oh, Trey Brown. Trey Brown, the Oklahoma corner. Yeah, let me get to it, I’m just going through my Browns, I’m on Ra, Diane. That very, very strong Bobby McKinney.

Speaker 1 25:47
vibes from him. Very interesting. Very competitive. Big competitor.

Speaker 3 25:52
I’m not sure I’ve done him yet actually. I’ve got him listed and I’ve got no, I’ve got nothing next to him. So yeah, I’ve not done him yet. Yeah, tough kid.

Speaker 1 26:02
had a great Tuesday I thought. And no one knows what the fastest were.

Speaker 4 26:06
The fastest receivers were because Jim Nagy just posted it from, from Tuesdays. They were Demetric Felton and Kaderious Tony. They, uh, they reached the top, top speeds. Frank Darby and kind of a distant third.

Speaker 3 26:20
Yeah, Derby’s interesting actually. Derby’s Arizona State Kid who has, I mean, he’s been in the program for four years. Let me just find him, my friend Derby. So he only has 67 catches in four years, but I think he averaged like 22 yards a catch for those 67.

Speaker 3 26:38
He is a lightly used deep threat. Grad student, six, one, 200 pounds. If the light ever comes on, he has got some serious juice down the field, but it’s a big earfaster whether that light ever does come on.

Speaker 3 26:52
But yeah, he is a burner.

Speaker 1 26:58
All right, Chris.

Speaker 4 26:59
Yeah, what do you want to know?

Speaker 1 27:03
You looked at some big guys.

Speaker 4 27:06
Well, yeah, so I’ve been looking at the offensive line, defensive line, and really actually kind of the first focus that I’ll have on them is with the national team. That’s the team that Miami’s coaching.

Speaker 4 27:19
So, you know, that’s, if Miami’s gonna draft guys from the senior bowl, it’s probably more likely to be some of the guys that they coached in the game. And the thing, some of the players, so there’s some guys in here that clearly, if you had done any amount of research heading into it, you would know to look for, right?

Speaker 4 27:43
And that’s like Creed Humphrey of Oklahoma. The center is kind of an all -star type at center, unless at least he was in college. Infamously, his coach, whose name, who’s the Oklahoma coach again? Lincoln Riley.

Speaker 4 28:00
Lincoln Riley, infamously said about him a couple of years back when there were still guys like Kyla Murray on the team and those receivers. And he’s like, he thinks that Creed Humphrey might be the most talented guy on the team.

Speaker 4 28:16
So, you know, he’s going to look for Aaron Banks as a huge and nasty and really good looking guard from Notre Dame. And you know, you’re gonna look for him. And I think that the guys that came in with the reputation already like those two, you know, they lived up to it.

Speaker 4 28:38
You know, they lived up to it. I think that another guy, a small school guy, Dylan Raddins of North Dakota State came in. You know, I started watching him and was really, I mean, it’s something about those North Dakota State guys because I remember Billy Turner was a bit like this too.

Speaker 4 28:54
They can really look dominant. And it’s not, yeah, really well -coached, but really nasty. Like really, I mean, they’re really, that’s the character that they play with. And he has that. And, you know, he’ll block two guys at a time and in ways that I’ve never seen before.

Speaker 4 29:15
And he came out, you know, he measured in pretty good. He’s six, six and over 300 pounds and, you know, has decent arms and I think 33 plus inch arms. You know, he’s, he did all right in the practices and especially in team drills, especially in team drills when you look at Dylan Raddins, the thing you’re gonna see with him, especially if you get the back view is just his lateral explosiveness off the snap.

Speaker 4 29:42
And you can see this guy, you know, you get the feeling that Kyle Shanahan is looking at him and saying, if we need an offensive lineman, I don’t even care where it’s him, you know? And that’s, you know, one of those zone schemes, definitely, but he’s really good in pass pro too.

Speaker 4 30:01
I don’t think you allowed the sack in 2019. And certainly the one game that he played in this year, which I think was central Arkansas, speaking of central Arkansas. Yeah, the game that for 56 minutes of that game, he was Anthony Munoz.

Speaker 4 30:18
And then for the last four minutes, he was more like Anthony Costanzo. And I think it was just because he wore himself out, to be honest. I think he just, you know, thrown in so much effort. Because that was it, that’s it.

Speaker 4 30:31
That’s like the key with these North Dakota State guys. It’s weird that it’s the effort level and it’s the nastiness and stuff like that. So he played pretty well in the senior bowl practices. I like going into the day two first and then kind of going back and looking at day one, because day one, you know, all the defensive linemen are gonna win.

Speaker 4 30:51
And day two is when you really see which guys, which guys in the offensive line are gonna step up and, you know, get there after they’ve gotten their feet wet, actually punch back and start winning these matchups.

Speaker 4 31:06
And I thought that Dylan Radden showed up, but the guy that, the small school guy, I didn’t know anything about, is Spencer. Well, two of them, two of them. There’s Quinn Miners, the Wisconsin Whitewater kid, and Simon, you know, and I have talked about.

Speaker 4 31:21
And the dolphins put him as center, believe it’s regarded as killing it, he’s left gone. He’s just absolutely killing it. He is so mean and nasty. Like, and he’s not even that big, but.

Speaker 3 31:37
more pancakes than Waffle House this week. It’s astonishing.

Speaker 4 31:41
It really is. And he’s not, you’d think that with a guy that’s doing that, he’d be like, you know, he’d be like pretty like huge, like a 340 pound or something like that, you know, but he’s not, he’s six foot three, just over six foot three.

Speaker 4 31:57
He is 320 pounds, but he carries it really well. And so, you know, he’s just been, he’s been lights out. Honestly, I’m a free hungry fan. I hate to interrupt you. He’s been better than Creed Humphrey.

Speaker 4 32:11

Speaker 1 32:11
Yeah, I hate to interrupt you, but he does that thing that people just hate in those combo drills when one guy just passes them off and then you come and you clean them out. He absolutely destroyed, I believe it was, I have my notes here.

Speaker 1 32:25
He destroyed everybody. He destroyed everybody. Terran Jackson, Terran Jackson, he absolutely flattened, I think it was Terran Jackson, number 99, yeah.

Speaker 4 32:34
Well, that was, and we’ll get to the defense on the line, but they keep using Terran on the inside, and I just don’t think, I just don’t see it.

Speaker 3 32:39
droid on was a reekie and and a diggerzoo were I mean he took the both the ground and you know on was a reekie is to me the best three technique in the draft. Yeah, you know, he is I mean, there was one play where he he turned the nose tackle blocked him inside and then moved up and caught three technique who was coming across.

Speaker 3 32:58
I mean, he took he took on was a reekie seven yards down the field and then pan caked him into the floor. I mean, this is an athletic road grading left guard who can pull but just obliterates people in space.

Speaker 3 33:11
I mean, but then they put them out

Speaker 4 33:14
He was phenomenal. He was really good. And that’s pay attention because this is Miami that’s putting him at center. Right? Go for it. Go for it.

Speaker 3 33:23
will love him as well. Two year team captain, team captain in high school, he’s a national strength and conditioning association All -American for two years running for commitment to strength and conditioning.

Speaker 3 33:32
He is a leader of men at Wisconsin Whitewater. Yeah definitely.

Speaker 4 33:37
like big, big time prospect for the Dolphins.

Speaker 3 33:40
He’s moved himself into the, I think he’s probably moved himself into the mid -day to mid -day two range, I think if you know

Speaker 4 33:48
very well be. I mean, this is the first, this is really the first, this is the first chance anybody’s got a chance to look at him on tape that, I mean, tape always matters, but Wisconsin whitewater tape doesn’t matter as much.

Speaker 3 34:02
Doesn’t matter as much as the senior bow tight. Yeah, it does

Speaker 1 34:06
I did not know that Wisconsin whitewater existed. Yeah, I do the senior bowl

Speaker 4 34:12
I only know because there was a tight end from there. His name is escaping me now. But there was a tight end that used to be a quarterback there. The interesting thing about it.

Speaker 3 34:27
But the interesting thing about players like Creed Humphrey, who’s sort of seen his stock, not full, but just kind of plateau a little bit maybe, is that you look at some players, especially players who’ve played four years, you know, some four -year starters.

Speaker 3 34:41
The thing about guys that have played 35, 40 games at college football is that there’s an awful lot of tape on them. So there’s an awful lot, you know, guys make mistakes. So the more tape you put on, the more people will find holes, especially this time of the year, people will say, oh, look at this player, look what he did here, look what he did here.

Speaker 3 34:57
Don’t play that game. The more tape you have, the more mistakes you make, that’s just, you know, it doesn’t matter if you’re Aaron Rodgers or Richard Rodgers, you’re still going to make mistakes if you played a certain amount of games.

Speaker 3 35:11
Right, that’s right. That’s one of the interesting things for Humphrey. A couple of the guys, obviously, Quinn Minottz was a guy that I was really interested in, who’s done really well, but a couple of other guys who I’m kind of quite keen on who’ve done interesting jobs and kind of going slightly under the radar.

Speaker 3 35:28
James Hudson is a left -tacklet since now in Michigan transfer, was a four -star defensive end in high school. He’s only had 719 career snaps, so he’s very inexperienced, but he is ridiculously talented.

Speaker 3 35:40
He’s got real upsight, you know, he’s got a very, very high ceiling. He’s going to be raw and, you know, he’s not going to be to everybody’s, everybody’s liking, but he’s a very interesting player and you’ve seen him in some of those one on one drills and the footwork, the quickness snaps out of the snap.

Speaker 3 35:55
And then Don T. Smith of East Carolina, who’s moves well. He’s got long arms for a guy under six foot five. He’s got some buildable traits. He’s really quick twitch. He gets out of his stance. He’s got good feet, constantly trying to talk players.

Speaker 3 36:11
He gets out in space. Now, he only played one game in 2020, and he sat out 2016 after an injury, played one game in 2020, so he’s got some inexperience, but this is a key, a bit like Creed, former wrestler, good footwork, good movement.

Speaker 3 36:26
There’s just some of those intriguing sort of early day three tackles, Hudson probably moves up into the day two, I reckon, but someone like Don T. Smith is somebody that you can just, again, another moldable ball of clay, just an intriguing player who I think is flying a little bit under the radar in Mobile.

Speaker 4 36:41
first thing that stands out about Hudson is really that he’s built like he’s you almost swear that there’s a tight end that’s snuck into these to these pit drills I mean he’s he carries the weight he is 300 pounds he’s over 300 pounds he’s at the senior ball weigh -in but he carries it really well and he’s he’s very athletic you can tell all that he’s very athletic but really for all his inexperience I mean he they put him at tackle and he was he was killing it in the pit drills I’m one -on -ones on the second day and I think that that’s when that’s when guys really start to step up and he’s one of the biggest standouts really is Hudson Dante Smith that you mentioned the one thing I haven’t watched him yet and on the senior bull but the thing about him is he’s six for five and that’s and he’s 200 and 294 pounds which is one of the lighter of the offensive lineman in Mobile but his arms are over 35 inches they’re 35 and a quarter and he has a seven foot three wingspan probably reminds me of Jared Jones Smith who the Dolphins actually had brought to camp at one point getting back to the national side though I thinking Dylan Radins was the small school guy you know the FCS guy to look at and I also came away thinking that I should have also been looking at Spencer Brown of Northern Iowa and you know he for for a six foot eight and a half inch guy alright he doesn’t he doesn’t look awkward and that’s important like he doesn’t look awkwardly tall on the tapes watching him block guys and he was doing really well he also he also looks like you know for a guy that tall he looks he looks like a guy that might be good in his own you have that kind of lateral ability and certainly long arms and and did really well in the blocking drills he was noticeable really noticeable and then the the last guy that I probably should have looked at but hadn’t was Robert Hainsey of Notre Dame I obviously from that line you look at Aaron Banks and Liam Ikenberg I never really looked at Hainsey but they had them all over and they had them attack right tackle they had them at guard they had them at center he looked good at center he looked good at guard and he looked good at right tackle like really get a right tackle embarrassed shock at Tony a couple times and and I think that that’s that’s that’s an interesting one to go back to the tape and look at so of these guys you know Miami’s Miami’s got some guys to look at from this we go on to Quinn Miners Creed Humphrey Aaron Banks you know Dylan Radins Spencer Brown and you know I think that that’s that’s really encouraging because I don’t know if Miami’s gonna be able to use an early pick on an offense alignment or not we’ll see but they could certainly use some help there and I forgot James Hudson these these are really really good standout so so this this group is really full of good offense alignment but you know the flip side of that is the defense alignment weren’t so good

Speaker 3 39:55
So look at some of the players that aren’t there, Penny Sewell, Rashaun Slater, Dara Saw, one of my favourite players in the entire draft, Abraham Lucas of Washington State, Tevin Jenkins of Oklahoma State, you know, Josh Ball isn’t there, Sam Cosby isn’t there, Brady Christensen isn’t there.

Speaker 3 40:09
Do you know what I mean? I mean, we’ve got questions about Walker Little, but there’s a lot of players that aren’t there that are intriguing. Hainzine, I like Hainzine. I think he’s probably a guard, but he does a good job of tying up defenders because he’s so smart, you know, just smart players on that offensive line, Ikenberg Banks.

Speaker 3 40:30
Well, that’s what he looked like.

Speaker 4 40:31
He could play any of these positions, and he dominated at any of the positions. I mean, it was really kind of interesting to watch him. But as I said, the defensive line edge players were a little bit disappointing.

Speaker 4 40:44
Actually, Anwar Zurikay didn’t play in the second practice. Yeah, he didn’t play in the second practice. He was only in the first practice. Certainly, on the first practice, you go back and watch that one, not just the second.

Speaker 4 41:01
And he was not unblockable, but it was clear who the alpha was on the entire defensive line unit. And he was the guy that was going to be the hardest to block on any given snap. Actually, the one rep that I saw anybody in one on one really, really totally neutralized him and win the rep, clearly win the rep.

Speaker 4 41:25
Not even close was Creed Humphrey. And that was just one rep. So he did well. Osa Odegizua is a good player, really good build. He’s an inside -outside player, more inside than outside, but still perfect for Miami in their defensive scheme.

Speaker 4 41:47
But he was a little bit disappointing to me in the second day. And there’s those pit drills and even the team. I thought that he could have done better. Ellerson Smith is an interesting guy. He’s also from Northern Iowa.

Speaker 4 42:02
They had him go up against a couple of times his teammate Spencer Brown, so UNI versus UNI. And it was pretty interesting. He’s over six with six. On tape, you look at him, you’re like, god damn, he looks like Jason Taylor, right?

Speaker 4 42:16
I mean, it’s really obvious. But he’s a fairly good weight for that six -foot -six -and -a -half.

Speaker 3 42:30
So he was 190 pounds out of high school. He was an all state tight end. He had 62 pressures in 2019. That’s crazy.

Speaker 4 42:40
The way he moves and his overall versatility as an edge player, really intrigued. He’s 262 pounds. Yeah. Skinny.

Speaker 3 42:51
long limbs intriguing guy a lot of room to grow but in Twitter you know lean long twitchy athletic he’s an interesting plan

Speaker 4 42:58
He also looked like in the drills on Leslie. I mean, he did look like he had something to learn, but he also looked good, you know, and, and that was, that was important because not a lot of them were, were looking really all that good.

Speaker 4 43:10
Patrick Jones looked fucking terrible at Pittsburgh. You know, forgive me for cursing. You know, I’d a, I don’t know, I can dig a Notre Dame. Yeah, the Notre Dame get, he looks lengthy. He looks, he looks like he’s built well.

Speaker 4 43:27
Long arms. Yeah, long arms and everything like that, but he wasn’t necessarily getting the job done in practice against these offense alignment.

Speaker 3 43:39
a decent player.

Speaker 4 43:40
Dalen Hayes is the better of the two. He is the button in my eyes, in my mind. And that’s going back to watching Notre Dame tape as well. I think that Dalen Hayes, he’s an outside linebacker type, but he’s got really good hands.

Speaker 4 43:54
And he showed that in the practice, like really quick hands. If there was a guy that was really, you know, nailing it with his hands, I thought it was Dalen,

Speaker 3 44:04
He’s a good run player early because he can play the run. You see, he’s not an overwhelming athlete, but he’ll set the edge and he’s just a little round of kind of.

Speaker 4 44:12
One of the few on that defensive front that actually, you know, was looking pretty good. And so, but that was kind of it. Turan Jackson, I guess you’d say, you know, up and down a little bit, but you know, what was clear is they kept using them on the inside and they kept using them, you know, kind of in Miami’s closed end, you know, inside, inside job, inside then maybe some outside.

Speaker 4 44:42
And he struggled there. He struggled on the inside. That’s just, he did. And they also did the same thing with Weaver, Rashad Weaver of Pittsburgh, who have always liked better than Patrick Jones. And they used him a lot in the same way.

Speaker 4 44:58
And I think this is Miami trying to actually see if, you know, what these guys have and whether they’ll be good for their scheme. And I think that both of them were just kind of showing that on the inside, I mean, Weaver could use his quick hands and quickness to beat a guy.

Speaker 4 45:14
But if he didn’t do that, it was like, you know, okay, forget it. And the same, I mean, Turan just didn’t beat anybody on the inside, but he looked pretty good on the outside though. So I think that that’s something.

Speaker 3 45:28
Weaver, weaver is a fun player. He’s kind of big and long and powerful and collapses the pocket. But I think he’ll start early because again, he can play the run. He sits a really strong edge in the run game.

Speaker 4 45:39
size. He’s very linear to me. Yeah. You know, and that’s, you know, that’s okay. And that’s good against the run too. But he can do some things because he’s got quick hands and he can do some things against the and pass rush.

Speaker 4 45:53
And I think Chaka Tony just looked frankly awful. I mean, he just he just looked awful. And a couple times they did have Rashid Hamilkar come down and pass rush. They had Baron Browning come down from Ohio State.

Speaker 4 46:08
And as much as I like Baron Browning, he looked awful when they when they had a pass rush. And Hamilkar didn’t really look much better. I mean, to be honest, so

Speaker 3 46:18
Shackatoni to me, the weight was an issue, was he 236 or 238, falls into date. This is just a kind of a hugely inconsistent, I mean he’s got one of the best first steps in college football, but a high side speed rusher out of a four point stance who just gets shoved around is, he looks like Tarzan plays like Jane and I apologize to all the women listening because that’s a terrible thing to say in 2021 but nevertheless he just, you know, not for me Clive as I would say.

Speaker 4 46:52
Yeah, Jason, Jason away is the guy on that defensive line and legitimately so I think he You know because he’s a freak because he’s a freak and But it’s not just because he’s a freak it’s because you see his freakiness on the On the tape like he is he is Super duper fat he reminds me of you know imagine if Jerry Hughes had four four speed right?

Speaker 4 47:16
I mean yeah, yeah, or even like four three or like I also made the comparison if if Jabril Jabril Peppers, Jabril Cox peppers. Sorry Jabril peppers if Jabril peppers were you know a big six foot five Whatever defensive end, you know, that’s that’s how he looks.

Speaker 4 47:37
That’s how athletic he looks and

Speaker 3 47:41
a fourth, a fourth, 33, 14. I mean, that’s legit. That was, you know, he was top of Bruce Feldman’s freak list, 4 .9% body fat and a 3 .93. I mean, just ridiculous. The one thing for me about Jason Oway is zero sacks in 2020 and second games, given the after that’s criticized and shot.

Speaker 4 48:02
Tony has brought up against him because he did get sacks and he did you know he

Speaker 3 48:06
But he drips, he drips, I mean, if there was a combine this year, Jason, I would be going in the top 15 because he would just blow the doors off the combine and he can run round you, he can run through you.

Speaker 3 48:17
He drips potential. I do, you know, he’s a, but at the moment I think he’s more of an athlete than a football player, but you can, you know, I hate to keep using the athletic ball of clay, but that kind of is what he is.

Speaker 3 48:26
And, you know, a good defensive coach could turn him into something really special.

Speaker 4 48:31
You know who was like this? You know who was like this a little bit last year to me is, is Rashaan Garry was, was a bit like this as far as, as far as like you look at it, not that productive, right?

Speaker 4 48:44
And that was the big thing that was used against him. You know, he was coming out. Yeah, look at him now, though. Look at him now. And you look at the tape, you got to look at the tape and see what the guy looks like and what he’s doing.

Speaker 4 48:56
And like, you know, and, and you could tell that he was going to, he’s going to be something. And, and that’s what I think.

Speaker 3 49:02
into a he’s turned into a really good player B on Sunday. I watched him walk with one arm Tristan worse back into Tom Brady walked him back five or six steps with one arm and you just think you are when you put it all together you are going to be some sort of player you know and he’s getting close you know and I think Green Bay will let Preston Smith go at the in the off season because I just think Garrett you can’t keep him off the field he’s just too good.

Speaker 1 49:28
Yeah, I think what hurt were Sean Gary all this time was, you know, the stereotype of the Michigan, the big hulking Michigan defensive end, you know.

Speaker 4 49:39
Well, but also, I mean, his final year, his final year, he had three and a half sacks and seven and a half tackles for loss. That’s just, that’s not good enough. That’s not, you know, or at least that’s what everybody was saying, talking about.

Speaker 4 49:54
Cause we’re talking about him as like a top 10 pick or, you know, that kind of caliber player, which he is. People also had the, the tackle.

Speaker 1 50:03
Oh, Charlton experienced fresh in their minds also.

Speaker 4 50:07
Well, yeah, that too, but he was not taco. No. Yeah.

Speaker 1 50:14
Now, on the way out here, our newly minted offensive line coach was caught on video today, coaching the offensive line. And he said, and I quote, that’s a really wide release. He wouldn’t have gotten to our quarterback to his mobile.

Speaker 1 50:30
Is that something or nothing, Simon? Because I think that all those Watson stuff is a bunch of bullshit.

Speaker 3 50:38
Um, I think he’s I think to his mobile. I think he gets a bad right.

Speaker 1 50:43
I’m sorry, I mean, is this something or nothing meaning everybody’s already been told, hey, two is the quarterback in 2021, meaning all of this Watson stuff we keep hearing is essentially yes.

Speaker 3 50:56
It makes, yeah, I think it’s BS. It’s, you know, I think it’s been pretty clear that, you know, surrounding with Charlie Fry and with those kind of guys that too is clearly the guy that they want to work with.

Speaker 3 51:08
I mean, why would you give up the, you know, the fifth overall pick? You’ve only played 10 games with no offseason and no, you know, training camp or those sorts of things. You know, you’ve got to see, you’ve got to give me two more years, see what it’s like.

Speaker 3 51:20
You know, and if to show him Watson came on the market, you’d probably make a phone call to Nick Saria and say, what’s the price? But, you know, do you really want to give up three first round picks in a couple of seconds, maybe give away an Xavier and Howard?

Speaker 3 51:31
I don’t think you do. You know, it’s great as Watson is, you know, because you’re giving away potential capital to fill other spots that the team desperately needs. So, you know, you’ve got, you’ve got to plan forwards with the kid that we’ve got and we’ll see where we get to.

Speaker 4 51:47
One quick clarification or correction though, Lemuel John Pierre was not the one that said, was saying it’s a real wide release. You know, he couldn’t have gotten to the quarterback. It was Aaron Banks who was trying to explain that to Lemuel John Pierre about a rep that he did.

Speaker 4 52:05
He was like, it was a real wide release. He wouldn’t have really gotten to the quarterback and John Pierre just kind of like, he’s silent and he just tilts his head over and says, to his mobile, to his mobile, you know?

Speaker 4 52:16
You know, meaning that the wide release, you know, even if the guy is wide like that, you can’t just count on him not being able to get to the quarterback because there’s a mobile quarterback is gonna come around and you’ve got to stick.

Speaker 4 52:30
You’ve got to stick to the guy and prevent him from being able to get the quarterback. And I think that’s what was going on in that interaction.

Speaker 1 52:38
Yeah, I just thought it was really interesting. It is it’s interesting that he mentioned him by name because I go back to When Brian floors first got here, okay? And they asked him about Ryan Tannehill and how he would go out of his way to not say a word about him

Speaker 4 52:53
And three weeks later…

Speaker 1 52:55
Later he was a Tennessee Titan.

Speaker 4 52:57
Yeah, no, I think they’ve said, they’ve said he’s the quarterback for a reason. And, and I think that inside the building, I think until, I don’t really think much of anything has happened on the Dishon Watson thing.

Speaker 4 53:10
I think Houston is still trying to figure all this out. Right. And, and that’s, that’s where they are. And so everybody else, you know, talking about Miami, I think rightly so. Everybody in Miami are kind of just laughing about this, like, you know, whatever.

Speaker 4 53:23
Um, because it’s not real yet. Um, but it might start to get real at some point. And there will be a point when, when it, it starts to get real and the conversations start to, to get real. But when that happens, I think it’s going to be a stay.

Speaker 4 53:39
I don’t think anything’s going to get done because I think that Brian Flores is not going to, is not going to give away the farm. I think Chris Greer is definitely not going to give away the farm. Um, to, you know, to, to get this one guy.

Speaker 4 53:53
And I did, I think Nick Cissarrio is going to ask for that. And there’s not going to be any friendliness in that negotiation, uh, between those guys, even if they are friends, there’s not going to be any, there’s no, not going to be any discounts there.

Speaker 4 54:06
And I think that Steve Ross is really happy with how the team, he’s, he’s one of two of his biggest supporters. Um, and he’s happy with the team and how they’re building it. And that’s what I’ve been told.

Speaker 4 54:17
And, um, and so he’s not going to, you know, giving everything away for one guy is pretty much the exact opposite of how they’re building this. And, um, and so I think that Steve Ross is not going to be, he might be the one that’s queasy about this.

Speaker 4 54:30
You know, the, the one that’s like, yeah, I don’t know about that. Um, and so if, if the owner is not on your side, you’re going to give away everything. You’re going to give away everything from one guy and the owner’s not even on your side.

Speaker 4 54:43
No, no, there’s just no way to me. Um, but you know, things change and we’ll see maybe, maybe Houston caves, maybe they just get desperate and things get that bad. But I think we,

Speaker 3 54:55
But if we know anything about Tua, we know he’s going to come back bigger, better, stronger next year. You know, that’s just part of his makeup.

Speaker 1 55:04
Well, he’s finally gonna have an offseason. He’s gonna have an offseason.

Speaker 4 55:07
He didn’t have one before. I mean, that’s he didn’t.

Speaker 1 55:10
Last year he was rehabbing. He was, you know, making sure he could walk again, making sure he could play football again. This time it’s a real offseason, an actual offseason.

Speaker 3 55:22
People do know how much 20% has .

Speaker 4 55:23
Last year, this time, I was just going to say, this time last year, I was at that Super Bowl. I was there at the Super Bowl week, and Tua was there, and he was going around. This time last year, I saw what kind of pain he got it, he was in when he was just standing around and throwing balls and walking around.

Speaker 4 55:46
Like after a while of being, you know, throwing footballs around, which he did at the center with kids and stuff like that, and walking around that whole thing, like I saw him wincing in pain. I mean, he was not anywhere close at this time last year.

Speaker 4 56:06
He did not have an offseason. He couldn’t really work on anything. Now he’s going to have it, and I think that matters a whole lot.

Speaker 1 56:15
Yeah, I completely agree. And I look forward to it. And hopefully, well, we shall see, because the NFL hasn’t even said if they’re, the OTA schedule hasn’t come out yet, and they haven’t even said if they’re even gonna have OTAs this year.

Speaker 1 56:29
But if they do, I look forward to it, because the Dolphins are moving to their new facility this off season. All right, one last thing, Matthew Stafford will be out there. He’s gonna be a cult, right Simon?

Speaker 1 56:43
It’s like a foregone conclusion, right? Sorry, he’s gonna be a what, it broke up when you said it. A cult, he’ll be Indianapolis cult.

Speaker 3 56:52
I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion, but you know, I would say the Colts would be the favorites. There were one drive away from getting to the AFC Championship game with Philip Rivers. I think San Francisco would be a player as well.

Speaker 3 57:05
Would Spice Beach and McGraw -Plow ended up back in New England as a starting Patriots quarterback. And Matt Stafford went to San Francisco, fits the system perfectly. I think Washington would be an intriguing destination.

Speaker 3 57:15
It’s a young team with a really good coach, with a really good defense. I don’t think you’ll end up in New England, Stafford, because I know they’ve got a lot of capital in terms of the cap space, but the cap is going to be significantly reduced anyway.

Speaker 3 57:29
And I don’t think the Belichick factor overcomes a bad football team that went 7 -9 and probably didn’t even look as good as that. And who was actively trying to train.

Speaker 1 57:39
grade Gilmore as we speak, by the way.

Speaker 3 57:42
But also we’re talking about Matt Stafford as well. This isn’t some elixir of, this is a guy who’s been in the league 12 years, he’s played in three playoff games, one, none of them. He’s a good player, but I don’t think he’s, he didn’t become Otto Graham or Aaron Rodgers overnight.

Speaker 3 57:56
He’s Matt Stafford. I think he’d get a good Colts team over the top. I think he’d get a healthy San Francisco. You look at a week at NFC next year, as it looks like it’s already shaping up to be. If San Francisco come back healthy with Nick Bosa and Solly Thomas and all those players and Sherman and the offensive linemen, they get back and the receiving course stays healthy.

Speaker 3 58:19
And they’re a really good team and Stafford could put them over the top. But let’s not get too far over our skis with who he is. He’s a good quarterback. I don’t think he’s, obviously he’ll probably win the MVP next year and soon call MVP at Broford 7 ,000 yards and make me look complete twat.

Speaker 3 58:35
But as it stands, Matt Stafford isn’t an elite quarterback. He’s a good quarterback. He’s good enough.

Speaker 1 58:43
Yeah, he’s good enough. Yeah, I think people looking at that that that cult roster and looked at at Phillip Rivers and said you know What maybe this guy might even be a slight upgrade to Phillip Rivers and that could be enough

Speaker 3 58:58
You know, Chris Ballard is a really good GM, like a really good general manager. And they draft well, they sign good free agents, they make true trades. I mean, look at DeForest Buckner, they gave up the 14th pick for Buckner.

Speaker 3 59:09
He was an all pro and outstanding year. You know, he drafted two future Hall of Famers probably in the first and second round a couple of years ago with Quentin Nelson and Darius Leonard. You know, Rocco Sin had a bit of a downy, a bit of a sophomore slumber play pretty well as a rookie.

Speaker 3 59:25
Michael, the receive, the big receiver, Pittman, Jonathan Taylor was the third leading rusher in the NFL. You know, so they’re not they’re not too far away. They’ve got some decent players on the back end as well.

Speaker 3 59:36
Kenny Moore is a good player. If they had ever get the kid from a higher state to stay healthy, you know, he would be a he would be a good player as well, but he can never stay healthy. But, you know, there’s some talent on that team.

Speaker 3 59:47
And I think, you know, somebody like Stafford could put them over the top or certainly make them, you know, you’re looking for competitors who can take KC down on you with that with my homes. And, you know, you might just be one of the guys.

Speaker 1 01:00:00
Yeah, I completely agree. All right, next week, I guess we’re gonna recap the entire scene of the book, because we’re gonna have a lot more information. We’re gonna have three practices. We’re gonna have the actual game, although I don’t really care about the game.

Speaker 1 01:00:12
I care about the practices. You do? I always do. Yeah, I always do. You watch the game and you care about that? I usually just watch the game to enjoy it. I don’t really take too much of it, you know?

Speaker 1 01:00:20

Speaker 4 01:00:21
You know, anytime these players are on the field with one another and they’re being competitive with one another. Especially this year. Yeah, especially this year. I think that’s a great point actually, Simon.

Speaker 4 01:00:32
Anytime they’re on the field together and they’re being in competition with one another, it matters. And I think that I’ve always taken issue with the, you know, the thing where it’s like, oh, the scouts don’t even stay for the game.

Speaker 4 01:00:46
They don’t care about the game. You know, stuff like that. They watch the game on film. I don’t think they just ignore it. It’s just at practice, at practice is when you get to be up close and you get to see things and you get to really feel them.

Speaker 4 01:01:03
And that’s that’s a really, that’s a really good experience. The game, you know, there’s there’s game film that’s pretty good that you can just go over in for the game. So I think it’s not as important to be there.

Speaker 4 01:01:16
But I think as long as they’re there and they’re competing with one another, you want to see it. You want to see what they do.

Speaker 1 01:01:22
Well now I feel like a complete asshole pooping the game.

Speaker 3 01:01:27
Yeah, you are so. Gamehater.

Speaker 1 01:01:31
All right, and trust me, dear listener, we did not forget. We will go over the defensive roster eventually. But next week, obviously we’re gonna talk senior bowl. And who knows, maybe we’ll have an offensive coordinator or not by next week, but till then.

Speaker 2 01:01:50
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